Thursday, March 21, 2013


5 months and counting til my big boy turns 2! At 19 months, Mr Oliver...

... experienced the joy of Disneyland for the first time! Even at such a young age, he had a blast - asking to ride the 'pwane' (plane ride) and laughing his way through a few of the others. He sadly didn't meet Mickey or Minnie - Mumma couldn't face yet another 30 minute line!

... graduated to the toddler nursery at mothers group. He's only been once but he seemed to love having all his friends there and even came home with a drawing for Mumma. It made him seem so grown up!

... more and more words just keep popping out (and others are said more clearly). New words this month include cake, spoon, fork, bix (weetbix), bowl, neck, head, leg, milk, plug, up, down.

... had a blast with our first visitors of the year - he loved them so much, he even said his first adult names: 'meag' and 'kaaaaate' :-)

... has a slight fire truck obsession. Weeks ago we had one pull up outside our house for a neighbour and just last week we had one (sirens blaring, lights blazing and all) come for us, with firemen in the house. Ollie was beside himself with excitement, exclaiming reeaw reeaw truck! reeaw reeaw truck! to the point where I thought he would hyperventilate (and yes, all was well! We called the non emergency line to ask a question because our carbon monoxide detectors kept going off and it seems they take it pretty serious here: not one, but two firetrucks were dispatched and the first was at our house in minutes. Ollie was beyond excited, I was kinda embarrassed).

... runs. everywhere. fast. It's bye-bye walking, hello speedy feet. We went to Alcatraz last week and he RAN the entire way up the island to the prison. Now, anyone who has done that knows how steep and far that is. I was impressed!

... survived without his Mumma for a long weekend for the first time. Whenever I called, he heard my voice and started calling out mama! mama! but otherwise, I don't think he reallyyyyy missed me :-( He's such a Dadda's boy and had a blast having Mitch all to himself for the weekend. I missed him though...

... can correctly identify a few more colours! He's been able to say and identify green for awhile now but this week also learnt purple and black. We're getting there, slowly! Sometimes he gets blue right, but not all the time.

... experienced his first sugar high. I took the girls to Ghiradelli in the city and naturally, he wanted to taste what I was having (chocolate ice-cream in a chocolate coated waffle bowl). I gave him the tiniest lick of my spoon at first but it quickly changed into scoops - the kid couldn't get enough of the stuff. Strangely enough, he was kinda hyper the entire ride home :P

... choose his own toy - all by himself - for the first time at the Disney store. I wanted to get him something little to remember the trip by and he spotted the Chugginton trains. I was trying to get him to choose a less ugly, nice colourful one but he was determined to have the white one. For the first week after buying it, it was hardly out of his hot little hands - he even fell asleep holding it at night. Even now, weeks later, he still asks for it if he can't see it laying around. I really should buy a couple of back ups!

Happy 19 months bubba John!


  1. he is so handsome! gonna be a real heart-breaker one day, haha!

  2. They grow up so quickly - just enjoy their babyhood! That was a saying my dear Mum-in-Law used to repeat often: and how true it is.

    Sounds like you've got a budding genius on your hands: but all Mums, if they're proper ones, say that about their babes! Good luck to you all.


  3. What a sweet little man! My guy just graduated to the almighty toddler room too, full of train tables and crayons! Heaven! xoxo

  4. Oh gosh, that is a sweet picture. I'm so glad his first trip to the "happiest place on earth" was a fun one. The pic with your two fellas in their mouse ears... so, so sweet.

  5. Hey Luana.So sweet!My girl is nearly the same age, a real pretty fun age!Thankyou for your sweet comment. It´s really beautiful reading along your lines and the places you`ve seen. Even we were nearly neighbours for a short time I totally know what you mean. There are so many beautiful places allover, there is just not enough time to see it all!(which is a good plan anyways). If you like you can cheque the 5 thing- fun game out, I tagged you, hope that`s ok, feel totally free to play along or not
    many greetings from Germany, noni!

  6. Sleeping photos are always the sweetest. This post reminds me of my boy too... :)


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