Thursday, March 14, 2013

Currently {13.03.13}

Loving: Being back in my little space in the blogging world :-) A break has been so refreshing but at the same time, I missed writing and I missed reading all my favourite blogs! My head is buzzing with ideas but I just need to get them down somehow... Not to mention get some photos from our mini vacation ready to upload!

I haven't read any books in weeks, but I have a nice big list of my favourite blogs to sit down and catch up on over the next few naptimes - with a cup (or 3) of tea of course :-)

Watching: We're about to start watching season 2 of Homeland - I can't believe I'm saying I'm excited over TV, but I really am! Both Mitch and I really enjoyed season 1 so I'm hoping the next one is just as good... I need something good to watch seeing as it'll be ages til the next Downton is out, boo :-(

Creating: The first thing on my list is a new stash of business cards! After that, I'm going to draft up some new designs... I dusted off my sewing machine this morning and can't wait to start creating once again!

Thinking about: Our next holiday - Mexico? Hawaii? Caribbean? I don't know now, all I want is somewhere tropical and in the near future!

Making me happy: Friendships. I feel really blessed that I've been able to not only keep in contact with some of my high school friends but have them come visit us in foreign countries. Girls I've known since I was 13 years old. It's a pretty special thing to be able to spend time together away from home, not to mention take off on the odd girls weekend... Vegas was awesome! More to come on that one though ;-)

Looking forward to: Our next trip to Australia. Still trying to figure out the finer details of when, but I already can't wait. When I'm so busy with my day to day life here, it's all too easy to forget about 'home'. Having old friends here and well, hearing that occa Aussie accent once again (yes, that's you Meags :P ) has made me remember what I'm missing :-(

And... I'm also looking forward to having a quiet weekend. It's been a full on couple of weeks and this Mumma is tired...

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Hi Luana! I love Currently posts! Welcome back to the blogging world, I'm sure you were missed!
    Stopping by from Mommy-Brain mixer!

  2. You're back! WOOOOOOO!! ;)

    Gotta catch up on your posts now! :) :)


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