Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mr Oliver hit 20 months on the 16th! It's weird to think that soon we'll be past the stage of referring to his age in months - is it just me, or does anyone else think that ends at 2? This month, Mr Oliver...

... has hit the repeating stage. A little later then a lot of kids I know, but we're finding it really entertaining hearing him repeat things back to us. It may not always be this cute though... A few new words he's consistently saying though: plug, hose, shovel, hammer, saw, screw (and pretty much any other tool you can think of), chin, cheek, elbow, love, camera, garage, couch, strawberry, raspberry, zucchini, Noah (as in - the ark).

... has really progressed with his colour knowledge. He gets pink & red mixed up a little and still can't identify yellow or orange, but loves telling us (and anyone else who will listen) what colours everything else are.

... has started describing things: 'big truck'! 'green train'! and so on. He's also talking in plural randomly - it doesn't always make sense though.

... is great with sharing his food and loves to feed his little friends, but is not so great with sharing play equipment. If Ollie is on something at the gym and another kid so much as dares to touch it, he goes into crazy face scratching mode. It's not nice and something we are really having to work on!

... has a new love - bugs. It's been all diggers, trucks, trains and cars for months now but it appears he has some room in there for the creepy crawlies. He points out every mozzie and fly around and the other day I caught him attempting to FEED a giant bumble bee that had landed on a toy outside. Ugh!

... has become a great gardening assistant. Well, he likes to think so anyway - Mitch and Ollie do the weeding together, which is sweet BUT now he has started pulling out my herbs and giving them to me, proudly exclaiming 'weed, mama. weed'. How do I toddler proof my herb barrel?!?!

... can be a little demanding at times. We were eating out recently and ordered some dessert. I made the mistake of telling Ollie that cake was coming. Well. It was taking awhile and whenever our waiter walked past our table, Ollie would start shouting (quite loudly!). 'MANS! CAKE! MANS CAKE! CAKE!'. Uh oh...

... is loving home improvements. He helped Mitch put together the chalkboard and every afternoon when Mitch gets home from work, Ollie rushes out to the garage and asks for the tools. We got him his own little kiddy set and he walks around 'fixing' the bike, 'hammering' in some fake nails etc. He's in his element in there!

... developed a slight taco obsession - or so we thought. For about a week, he was running around in circles before bed repeating taco! taco! taco! We couldn't figure it out - yes, he's eaten tacos before, but really? Anyway, one day it clicked - taco = circle!!!

... has got quite a reputation at out local supermarket. We shop at the same store, at the same time every Monday morning. Lets just say Ollie is a bit of a social butterfly - he sees his favourite workers and butters them up every week without fail. They all tell me they've never seen such a happy little guy! (and I'm like yup... Just wait til he has one of his moments!).

Overall, it's been an interesting month. Sleep has been a bit hit and miss (he finally started sleeping through at 18mths but it stopped a month later and we've had some pretty awful nights where he will be awake for hours at a time demanding cuddles), although it has improved a little the last few days. Temper wise, he's certainly had his moments but I feel like the tantrums are manageable right now. He has really hit the stage though where he knows what he's not meant to do, and purposefully does it. He makes sure I'm watching too and does it with a grin. He's also becoming very good with his selective hearing...

Happy 20 months handsome boy!

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