Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Big Sur country

I'm a sucker for a good road trip. I don't hate flying, but since having Oliver I've come to realise that he's a lot easier to entertain on the road then in the air. Especially seeing as it means we can stop as often as needed to let him use up some energy...

This post has been a LONG time coming - our Disney/highway 1 trip was over 6 weeks ago and it's taken awhile to (a) get through the photos and (b) remember to write this post :-) Anaheim is only a 6 hour drive from home so we drove straight down on the main, inland (ie straight and boring) freeway to meet my friends. On the way home however, we decided it would be fun to make the most of it with our visitors and spend a couple of days on the scenic highway 1 route - Big Sur country.

A brief detour up to the Griffith Park Observatory in LA to see the Hollywood sign (and the smoggy city) was a must before hitting the coast at Malibu...

And then heading up the coast - past elephant seals, misty waters, deserted beaches & rugged coastline...

Sadly, we missed the signs and drove straight past the part of Big Sur that I was really hanging out for - the beautiful national park with the waterfall straight onto the beach. Oh well... We'll just have to go back one day :-)


  1. A friend of mine recently went to Big Sur and I'm kicking myself for not going there when I took my California trip back in '09. It looks amazing!

  2. One of my favorite memories of living in California is our Highway 1 road trip to Santa Barbara from Monterey. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery of Big Sur and stopped at Hearst Castle. Such fun! Your road trip looked beautiful too! I've never seen the Hollywood sign up close. I'll have to try that someday!


  3. As always, great travel pictures! I agree, sometimes with the little ones, the road trips are much less stressful and more fun for everyone.

  4. I'd love to go- I need some time at the ocean right about now! are those seals? too cool!

  5. Wow these photos are stunning. I need a vacation too...

  6. We live in Monterey, so do this drive often. Big Sur is kind of random. Everyone makes a big deal about it, but I think driving the coast between Monterey and Big Sur is way prettier!


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