Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Last Saturday we kicked off the Easter weekend with a visit to Roaring Camp Railroads - a perfect spot for a little train lover like Mr Oliver and some of his playgroup pals!!!

They had a special Easter train which went into the redwood forests...

... for a quick meet & greet with the Easter bunny!

And of course - an Easter egg hunt! This was Ollie's first egg hunt and he was a little unsure as to what to do - just staring at the eggs for awhile...

Then finally picking them up (and putting them back down again) - it took a bit of convincing for him to put them in his basket!

The day did start off a bit dreary & miserable but in the end, it was a gorgeous spring day! I think Mr Oliver had fun...

And we did too!


  1. How cute! What a nice Easter activity, and possibly a tradition for years to come:)

  2. Oh man! Judah would LOVE to see/ride on a train... he is obsessed with anything that has wheels. What a fun family Easter activity :)

  3. Looks so beautiful! What a great Easter.

  4. Oh what fun! Roaring Railroads was one of the places I wish we visited before moving away from California. Guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your lovely photos and blog post! :)

    Happy Easter!

  5. Cute cute cute!!! Looks like such a fun way to spend the day! Beautiful pictures, too! xo

  6. How fun! Beautiful pictures too. :-)

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