Tuesday, April 9, 2013

His gentle spirit...

This morning I could hear Mr Oliver quietly talking to himself: tum-my... eyyye... hairrrr... nose... arm... and so on. I discovered him sitting on the floor, 3 toys in his lap - correctly identifying the body parts of each toy before gently hugging them.

Sometimes this kid can be rough and tumble, some days he can have full on tantrums that make me wonder if he's one and a half or three, some days the only words he will speak is a determined NO!

But in the midst of the toddlerhood madness, he is forever giving me glimpses of his gentle spirit, his kind soul - and it just warms this Mumma's heart...

Happy Monday all :-)


  1. The best moments I've found are when A doesn't know I'm paying Tention. I love peeking in on moments like this!

  2. Ahh yes, it's so refreshing to see a glimpse of our toddlers' sweet sides, isn't it? Makes the hard days not quite so hard. xo

  3. Aweee! What a cutie! :) Have a great day pretty girl. Enjoy your time with that little guy!

    xoxo Jamie

  4. so sweet! I love the gentle moments with my kids. They are older and still have lots of them. They also have their share of tough moments but I try to remember the times they share + tell each other I love you.

  5. That last picture is so sweet! What a cutie!


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