Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toddler approved: Vegie Cupcakes

I recently saw these muffins pop up on Pinterest and filed it away for later, thinking it would be another sneaky way to get some vegies into Mr Oliver's snacks. I have been making a few dietary changes recently however and when I got the motivation to bake them, I was a little uncomfortable with some of the ingredients: namely, the amount of sugar.

Having never made these before, I was a little unsure how they would taste with the changes but despite their appearance, they were surprisingly delicious! I added in rolled oats, substituted all the sugars for maple syrup and the canola oil for coconut oil. A couple of changes I would make next time round is using wholemeal flour and also finely grating the vegies - I grated them quite roughly. Mr Oliver took one look at the chunks of carrot and zucchini and exclaimed NO! Once I convinced him to take a bite however... He downed the entire thing and asked for 'more cake'.



  1. these look so good...i need to try these with my daughter!

  2. Need to try this for my boy! Looks pretty simple to make :)

  3. These look delish. I love that you made them healthier! I'm going to have to try these.

  4. I can't wait to try these! I pinned them to make at another time. I have been wanting to update my blog, make it different nd more about being a stay at home mom now that we aren't living so far away from our family and telling them what we're up to. But I'm not very good with all the technology part of it...LOL! I'd love to share my recipes this way so maybe other people would pin ideas from my blog. It's a goal so hopefully I get there.


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