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Time just keeps escaping me at the moment - I started this post a couple of weeks ago, but it's taken me until the end of the month to finish it! I feel like I blink and my not-so-baby boy is suddenly a month older. At 21 months, Mr Oliver...

... likes to pretend Mummy is a kidnapper. He didn't want to sit in his stroller at Target the other week and instead of having a full blown tantrum, he tried a new tactic - yelling out help! help! help! at the top of his sweet little voice. A poor young guy working in the store stopped me and (kindly) informed me that 'he doesn't want to be in there'. Um. You think?!?!

... has a slight obsession with tunnels. He likes for us to build them for him out of pillows and if he sees anyones leg (or arms, or any body part for that matter) positioned in a way that looks even slightly tunnel-ish, he cries out 'tumbell' and crawls through at a frightening speed.

... has unfortunately hit the stage where he likes to put strange objects in body orifices, for the fun of it. Lets just say the other day he not only decided to dig out an old sock of mine and pick all the lint off it, he then balled up all the lint and stuck it in his ear before proudly showing it to me *ugh*.

... is quickly becoming a backseat driver. One day we were following a fire truck (just driving along, no lights on or anything) and he excitedly piped up with 'mama! ree-aw ree-aw truck! chase! chase truck mama!'. He wasn't too impressed when I didn't fulfill his request...

... LOVES to tickle and chase. To the point that he chased a complete stranger down at the zoo the other day with his best tickle hands, crying out 'tickle tickle chase'!!! (we did manage to catch him before he grabbed the poor unsuspecting woman).

... is getting pretty darn good with his manners. He knows that when he wants something, he needs to say please and 9/10 times will respond with a sweet little 'tank uuuu'. Sometimes though he hands us stuff saying thank you - I'm telling myself it's just his Dutch heritage :P I'm trying very hard to teach him alstublieft :)

... discovered the joys of a 5* hotel. All the trips we've taken since Oliver has been born have been sightseeing/road trips - where the point of the holiday is the scenery, NOT the hotels... This was his first 'luxury' experience and lets just say he was pretty impressed with the turn down service - he slept on a pull out sofa and was beyond excited when we'd get back to the hotel at night and there would be a chocolate on his bed!!!

Cuteness aside, I have to admit that it's been a challenging month. We have had some of the sweetest moments and also some of the most challenging. Oliver was positively angelic on our Mexico trip - he smiled, flirted, slept brilliantly and played happily the entire time. We got to relax wayyyy more then expected and it was honestly the best holiday we've had in a long time...

... until the day we flew out. Ollie woke up on the wrong side of bed and it took him an entire week to snap out of it. It was AWFUL. Heck, even the plane trip was so bad that the person sitting behind us offered us cough syrup (which I politely declined, despite wanting to let loose!). After we got back from Mexico, Mitch would get home from work every day and I'd hand Ollie over and either walk out the door or lock myself in the craft room. My usually sweet boy was just really angry and frustrated all the time - the kicking, screaming, head banging, tantrum throwing was at it's finest. He'd bite me so hard it broke the skin, and then exclaim 'trouble. naughty. corner'. That just added to my frustration - what do you do with a kid that ASKS to be put in a time out?!?! I won't lie - it was a TOUGH week. I was really nervous because Mitch was going away for work the following Monday and I didn't know how I'd get through a whole week without being able to hand him over at the end of the day (I really have to take my hat off to all the mamas I know whose husbands work away! That must be seriously hard work!). Well, he must have sensed my nerves because he woke up on the day Mitch flew out as his happy, normal self again. THANK GOODNESS!!! Toddlers huh... It's all fun and games!

Happy 21 months big boy!


  1. This whole post just got me excited for the upcoming stages. Declan is just starting to get things, and using signs a little more (even if he gets them mixed up.) It's so exciting and bittersweet all at once. But all those highlights sound SO fun. Love that.

    And hopefully you don't have another grouchy week again. I mean, a day here and there is manageable, but a week?! Come on kid, give your mama some love!

  2. I suspect that a turn down service with chocolate is every toddlers dream come true... and mine! I'm sorry it was such a rough week. I think some little ones will go through terrible two stuff before two and then be just awesome once their two. So maybe Oliver is just advanced? =)

  3. Never easy looking after a toddler. That is the most challenging, but fun, time of a child. ;)

  4. BAHAHAHA! If LP were to scream "help" at Target, I don't know what I would do! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the moment, but it makes for a good story now. ;)

    And too funny about almost tickling that stranger. Kids are so funny sometimes!

    So glad to hear that he is back to himself. :) This age can be so difficult!

  5. I just laughed out loud at tickle-tickle-chase. That must be absolutely adorable but he also sounds like a handful. I know he is going to LOVE reading this years from now!

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