Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Because everyone has a bad angle...

Now, before I bombard you with photos from our Mexican getaway, I need to put it out there.... EVERYONE HAS A BAD ANGLE!!!

I feel like as a blogger, I'm forever checking and re-checking the photos I share in this space. Making sure the pooch is disguised and only one chin is visible. Choosing the smiley photos of my kiddo, not the scowls. Photographing the days I'm in cute dresses and not ugly tracky dacks (translation: sweats :-) ). But lets face it - that's not always my reality. I have a bad angle. A lot of them actually. And my kid might smile a lot but he unfortunately inherited my double chin. And he does scowl!

So in the effort of keeping it 'real'...

... everyone has a bad angle :-)


  1. He still manages to be cute in his less than perfect angles!

    And high-five for keeping it real. My husband just let me do that with a pic of him that he proclaimed he looks like a 70s porn star in. holla!

  2. so true! this made me smile :)

  3. I drive myself crazy always trying to get the perfect's just not always possible. Your little one is the cutest just the same!


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