Friday, June 14, 2013

Currently {13.06.13}

Loving: Oliver's latest game - he makes me lay on the floor in the middle of the living room rug and runs around me shouting circles, randomly stopping every lap or two to give me a kiss. He's been super snuggly and full of love for Mumma lately and (although I could live without a bit of the clinginess) I'm lapping it up as he's usually a Dadda's boy!

Reading: Last night I started Delirium by Lauren Oliver and I woke up early this morning to finish it... It was THAT addictive. I've only had a few hours sleep and it's all the books fault! It's the first of a trilogy and reminds me of The Hunger Games. I was buying something else on Amazon and needed to get over the limit for free shipping, this was suggested so after reading the blurb I added it on but didn't expect it to be so good! Now I'm (impatiently) waiting for the next 2 to arrive.

Watching: Like always with tv shows, we're a little late to the game but we just started watching Arrested Development. And... I'm hooked. We both are!

Creating: I just uploaded a bunch of items to the shop this week including bibs, burp cloths, softies and  a new line: tooth fairy cushions. It's been awhile since I've done a proper shop update so I'll have a little more info on this next week :-) 

Thinking about: Everything & nothing. My heart is still grieving, my mind wants to move on. My body is exhausted. I'm pushing through, but I'm still feeling really tired these days. We're getting there though, slowly slowly.

Making me happy: It's 2pm and I am hearing sounds of silence from Oliver's room... Please please please let him be sleeping in there! If you follow along on Instagram you would've seen how yesterdays 'naptime' ended. The house still smells medicinal. I still keep finding little smears of sudocrem everywhere. The most frustrating part - it was our last tub and you can't buy it here!!!

Looking forward to: TOMORROW!!! We are going on a long weekend away with friends to a little hot springs resort in Nevada - not too far from one of our favourite places, Lake Tahoe... The first time we went to the lake was almost a year ago now - I can't believe just how much Oliver has changed in only a year!

Happy Thursday all!


  1. I just added Delirium to my book list "to read" We might like the same kind of books :) Have you read Divergent? have a great weekend!

  2. Oh I've been looking for new books to read! Love anything Hunger Games-y :)

    We grew up with Sudocrem and I've always bemoaned the fact that we can't get it here. I'm dreading the transition to the big-boy, because I know my little monkey will get up to all sorts of mischief!

  3. ps. I just googled Sudocrem and found it on Amazon!


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