Friday, June 28, 2013

Currently {27.06.13}

Loving: The weather - it's hot and surprisingly humid. Just a little, not as bad as a Qld summer but it feels SO much more like home to me right now. Usually it cools off in the evening really quickly here but lately it's been lovely and warm at night. Just last night Mr Oliver was running around without a shirt on, filling his dump trucks with water and tipping them out so he could splash in the puddles - it hit me that summer has finally arrived!

Reading: Well, I finished the last 2 books in the Delirium trilogy - within 24 hours of getting them in the post, eeek (I was sick in bed though, so didn't have much else to do but read!). They were EXCELLENT! Best books I've read in ages. I've now moved onto A Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin. It's slow going, but so far so good.

Watching: All our usual shows have finished, and I've been doing a lot more reading and sewing then TV watching lately. We watched the first 3 seasons of Arrested Development, got 2 episodes into the 4th season and nearly fell asleep. So boring. It felt more like a drama then a quick moving comedy. We decided to pretend the show ended at season 3 and move on. Any suggestions for other shows to start watching?

Creating: Lots! My post here gave a bit of a summary of what I've been creating for the shop - I'm currently working on stocking the shop with more busy bags and also making a few gifts for newly arrived babies :-)

Thinking about: Pregnancy. It's in the air. I can't escape it. Seriously - half the people I know here are either pregnant or popping out little ones. Not to mention every second blog I read is posting bump dates. I'm not complaining - it's really exciting (and I have *gulp* turned into one of those people that can talk pregnancy & babies all day long), but it's hard at the same time. Especially as Ollie is at an age where complete strangers in the supermarket will ask me when I'm having another one. It's just been a rough month and as soon as I think I'm done with all my emotions, something triggers the tears again. We're moving on though, step by step and I know that our time will come, at the right time. Once again, I am learning to be patient and patience is not an easy lesson.

Making me happy: PLANE TICKETS!!! Finally! We booked tickets a couple of weeks ago for Australia! Our next trip had been up in the air for some time because I wasn't sure if/when I would be able to fly, but now we've locked in Christmas. We leave just before Thanksgiving and come home NYE. Almost 5 whole weeks... I can't wait! Mitch doesn't have the holidays, but thankfully he is able to work from abroad. There are few perks to being a researcher but flexibility of work location is something I am so thankful for.

Looking forward to: A public holiday next week!!! They are so few and far between here (and unlike AUS/NL, not everyone gets them - it all depends on what your work decides you can take off) so we are going to make the most of it and do a mini road trip through Oregon & the northern Californian coast. Road trip time - bring it on!

And don't forget - Google Reader is on it's way out shortly!!! You can follow la petite lulu on bloglovin' here. Happy Thursday all :-)

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