Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The special bed

Last weekend Mr Oliver made a big transition: he said goodbye to his cot and moved into a big boy bed! I wanted to delay the toddler bed for as long as possible, but with him outgrowing his cot (European crib = a lot smaller then the standard size) we felt it was finally time to make the change.

We headed off to Ikea after church on Sunday where he was pretty excited to choose out a doona cover (cars, of course) and a 'special bed', as he likes to call it. After naptime he helped Dadda put it together...

Only to realise we had left the slatted base at Ikea... Woops! While the Dadda made the trip back to Ikea, Ollie helped me make the bed...

Apparently it was exhausting work!

And when bedtime came...

Well he was pretty excited to climb in! The nights have gone down without a hitch - he goes to sleep no worries, doesn't climb out (as far as we know), fall out or wake up overnight. The first naptime however - ugh... Don't get me started! It took 3hrs 15mins to get him to sleep (there was a lot of lego playing going on), every time I'd go in there to tell him to go back to bed he'd run and jump into his bed and give me the cheekiest grin... Argh!

Has your little one made the transition to a big kid bed? Any tips are much appreciated!


  1. He just has the sweetest little smile! :) xxx

  2. His smile! Too cute and adorable. Such a sweet little boy you have :)

  3. wowsers! Jonte is still in his cot! I remember we had Benjamin into a bed at 1 1/2 but after that we decided just keep them in the cot for as long as humanly possible!! haha. He'll get used to it for naps, don't worry. It's just a big novelty at the moment.

  4. The boys are still in their cribs. We are trying to prolong the transition as long as possible. The two of them get into so much mischief we are scared to give them more avenues for destruction. :)
    Ollie looks like he is enjoying big boy life!


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