Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend goodness: Oakland Zoo

This post has been a long time coming - last month we took Mr Oliver on his first real zoo trip! I'd heard good things about nearby Oakland Zoo and although it wasn't as big as I had been imagining, it was still a fun day out. We saw lots of different animals - monkeys and giraffes, elephants and alligators, snakes and frogs...

Oliver was very serious - just absorbing it all. In typical toddler fashion, the animal he got most excited over was... a stray cat. Yep. In the middle of the bear enclosure. With his reaction, you would've thought he'd seen some rare endangered animal, but there you go - apparently he really likes cats!

Next time I think we will try the San Francisco Zoo for something different!


  1. Looks so fun! We are still waiting to take Olivia to the zoo. I think in another month or two she will really get a lot out of it!

  2. In the past month my toddler has seen just about every impressive zoo animal you can see...and a moose...and he has not been excited about any of them! All he wants to do is run his Thomas train around the zoo!


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