Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I can't believe it - somehow, 2 years has (almost) gone by. This little man is growing up. I feel like this is the last month I can refer to him as x months old... It's exciting to see him changing and growing every single day but also scary at the same time - no one prepared me for how quickly this all goes by.

At 23 months, Mr Oliver...

... has so many words I don't even know how to begin counting them. He did say his first long sentence this month, 7 words in a row and as clear as a bell: 'the man is banging and cutting wood' (when referring to our neighbours roof being fixed).

... loves to invite you into his room. When he wakes up after naptime or first thing in the morning and starts calling out for us, we go and knock on his door. He pipes up with 'come in!' and as soon as he sees you, 'good sleep!' :-)

... is loving potty time. Mostly because it's an excuse to get his kit off - the kid loves to run around in his birthday suit, he insists on even having his SHIRT taken off before sitting on the loo. He's also making demands. He knows that he can have a chocolate (just a M&M) if he does something on there. Now he is demanding 'the whole packet'. Just for sitting down. Argh.

... is still a little clingy. Some days, all he does is ask for huggles. It takes him a good hour to warm up to being at the park some days and I have to carry him around in the meantime. And the kid is HEAVY! It's no wonder I'm tired at the end of the day!

... has figured out a different way of saying yes: aha, mmmhmmmm. It's so. stinking. cute.

... has a new favourite show: Playschool. He's never been a big TV watcher, usually just 15 minutes a day after naptime (or as needed when we are having a rough day or Mummy needs to clean the house in peace) but is HOOKED on this show. There's no American version of it either, not that I mind because the kiddo needs a bit more Aussie influence in the hope of avoiding an American accent. We have 1 playschool DVD he got for his 1st birthday but otherwise have been watching it as a treat on You Tube. Note to self: must stock up when we are in Australia this Christmas!

... has started to recognise our car in a parking lot. He sees it and shouts out MUMMYS CAR! DADDYS CAR! There are so many similar colour/shape cars around, it amazes me that he recognises ours.

... loves to be sung to and dances along. His current favourite song however is completely random: the 'cake' song, as he calls it. Otherwise known as happy birthday!

... got the best value toy.... A SANDPIT! Mitch and Ollie built it together and let me tell you, it has been a lifesaver. He loves it - begs to go out there as soon as breakfast is over and I have to lure him out of it with the promise of treats to go out. It took a bit of time & effort, but well worth it!

Happy 23 months big boy!


  1. How fun! What a cute little guy. Time goes way too quickly with little ones!

    Jamie || Hello Little Scout

  2. How fun! What a cute little guy. Time goes way too quickly with little ones!

    Jamie || Hello Little Scout

  3. What a precious lil man. My nephew just turned two... time flies so fast.

    New fan from Meet & Greet Blog Hop


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