Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crater Lake, Oregon

It took us a while to decide on Crater Lake as the main destination for our summer road trip. We had originally been planning a trip to NYC but had left booking flights too late and opted for a road trip instead. I hadn't really read much about Crater Lake - the only thing I really knew about Oregon was Portland, which we visited last September, but as soon as the first image showed up in a Google search, I knew we had to make the trek up north.

And boy, it was worth it. The colour of the water here was amazing - I've never seen such a deep blue before. Of course, I really wanted to stay at the Crater Lake Lodge but seeing as it books up a year in advance it really wasn't a possibility. We stayed about 1.5hrs from the lake but got up super early in the morning to drive over and beat the other tourists doing the rim drive. The early morning paid off - there was hardly anyone around, with the exception of swarms of mozzies on one side of the lake (ugh!). We just drove around the rim, stopping at each view point and admiring the scenery...

... snapping a few family photos here and there of course - so glad Mitch remembered to throw the tripod in!

There were really only two (minor) downsides to our lovely day at this volcanic lake... (1) Lunch. If you're ever going to visit here, PACK A LUNCH! I just wasn't organised enough and $35 later, regretted it sorely after having to eat tasteless stale sandwiches from the only cafe on the rim. And (2) the scenery was pretty much of a muchness the entire way around. Don't get me wrong - it was absolutely gorgeous, but the view didn't really change a whole lot other then a couple of slightly more inland vista points so one day here is plenty. Once again, if we had of been more organised and brought our hiking boots and Ollie's pack with us, we could've done a bit of hiking to see things from a difference perspective - hiking trails seemed to be in abundance.

Crater Lake was a great spot to spend our second 4th of July - and a fun start to our summer road trip!


  1. That is certainly a deep blue - loved the photos, and wished I'd been able to visit Oregon while we lived in Canada. Not sure whether Crater Lake would have been do-able, but did enjoy your take on it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Isobel: www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com

  2. Wow, gorgeous! I can't believe how blue the water is. These look like photos from a travel magazine!

  3. The view is incredible! I would love to road trip through that part of Oregon.

  4. Crater Lake is so incredibly beautiful... Jude and I are headed to Oregon next week and I'm hoping we'll make it up there again! We made the same mistake last time and had to buy a lunch too... yuck.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love Oregon and everything it has to offer. I feel myself being pulled back there every so often:)

  6. Wild hair, Mitch! And I love how you match the color of ur clothes with Oliver's!


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