Friday, July 12, 2013

Currently {11.07.13}

Loving: I recently purchased an app. Don't fall over, but even in this day & age it's the first time ever that I've BOUGHT one. I'm not a big phone person - yes, I love using Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/email on my phone, but I've always refused to pay for apps because I'm really not that interested. Then I discovered what might possibly be THE most awesome photo editing app, and I'm hooked. Sadly, you can't straighten photos but the other possibilities are endless. My dodgy iPhone photos are now slightly less dodgy. Best $2 I ever spent!!!

Reading: Still stuck on A Clash of Kings... It's odd for it to take me this long to read a book, but it's kinda slow going. Good, but slow reading.

Watching: We just started watching Continuum - for no particular reason, I hadn't even heard of it - just stumbled across it on Netflix and recognised the main actress as being off Alias (my all time favourite show). I won't rave about it - it's not amazing or anything, but it's a bit of mindless entertainment. If you like crime mixed with time travel, then it's probably right up your alley.

Creating: I'm hosting a twins baby shower in just over a week so I've been having fun creating various bits and pieces for that! The usual - bunting, table runner, various decorations. Menu planning. Games. etc etc. Every time I plan an event I tell myself I really need to become a party planner. I LOVE IT! (so much so that I even threw my own baby shower in Holland - but that was mostly because the Dutch don't do baby showers). I'm also starting to plan out Oliver's 2nd birthday party, which so far is getting me handy in photoshop because I just haven't found any printables on Etsy yet that I'm 100% happy with. So, there's been a bit of creating going on over here but not necessarily all sewing for a change.

Thinking about: This little old blog & my Etsy store. After a bit of a lull (which I've noticed seems to be usual in the blogging world during summertime), I've got my motivation back. I have so many ideas and I'm planning on starting a few new things over the next couple of months. I've also recently re-opened advertising options here and updated a few bits & pieces over the blog. I'm contemplating a little bit of a design update, but not quite game to go there yet because I just know that whatever I do will end up being a bigger job then I had anticipated. I'm excited to have brought back Wandering Wednesday - I really enjoy writing about travel so this is getting me back into one of my hobbies AND I'm going to start a regular series highlighting other handmade businesses - having other bloggers promoting my own work has really helped me grow my little shop, bit by bit, and so I'd love to give back a little! On that note -  if you're a small business owner and interested in being featured, please feel free to pop me an email at luana[at]

Making me happy: You know, it's been a challenging week with Ollie since we got home. He's just been a bit out of sorts - tired perhaps - and SUPER clingy. He wants 'huggles' constantly, needing to be held all the time even at home. It sounds sweet, but if you're a SAHM you'll understand that the cuteness factor wears off pretty quickly when you're trying to fold washing, cook dinner etc all while holding a rather hefty toddler. But anyway, back to what's making me happy - all this clinginess has resulted in him calling out for me in the night, not Mitch. He doesn't wake up often these days, but when he does it's with tiny little cries of Mummy, Mummy. I've actually really enjoyed being able to be the one to go in and soothe him back to sleep. It's so rare that I get those peaceful, sleepy snuggles these days. My boy is growing up so quickly - it's bittersweet. I love watching him grow and learn, but at the same time, I wonder where my little baby has gone.

Looking forward to: We have visitors arriving in a couple of weeks! We haven't seen these guys since we left Holland, I'm really looking forward to having them around. We also booked a camping trip to Lake Tahoe while they are here. I'm excited, because I love that region but also a little nervous. Despite our love for the great outdoors, our camping gear has just been gathering dust since we moved here. We've NEVER taken Mr Oliver camping. And now we're going to bear territory... Yes, this Aussie is a little nervous!

Happy Thursday all :-)


  1. Oh I love this photo with the bubbles! So adorable. I also love your wandering wednesday posts!!I'll have to do one and link up with you one day :-)


  2. The bubbles crack me up!! Thanks for linking up with us for the collective blog hop. Following you on all your sites. Hope you follow back! I would love to have you!

  3. beautiful photo- and I would love to take part in your handmade collective!

  4. Your baby shower was my first and only baby shower so far! And.. It was the first time I met you! :)So Oliver is very special to us. Looking forward to cuddle and hug him again. No worries about the camping, we'll take turns in keeping him busy and happy! But hmmm.. the bears.. :D

  5. I'm excited for your upcoming handmade business series. I love reading about and finding new creative businesses.
    A twin baby shower! Send mama my love. (And let her know to hang in there. It gets easier after the first couple months.)


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