Monday, July 22, 2013

Drive thru with a difference

Ever since I saw the Chandelier Tree appear on a bloggers Instagram feed many months ago, I had been wanting to go drive through a giant tree. I can sometimes be a real sucker for touristy things, and the drive thru tree park definitely caught my attention. Located in Leggett, California it happened to be on our route home so naturally we stopped in. Coming from our overnight stopping point of Eureka, we first drove through the Avenue of the Giants - an old section of Highway 101 that is said to be a really spectacular drive through the giant redwoods. It was pretty, but honestly - I much preferred Howland Hill Road & Stout Grove a little further north. The light was pretty special though...

Once we reached the drive thru tree park and paid a small entry fee, the cashier told us there could be a small wait - 'maybe 15 minutes' (which translated into 40 minutes). We got in line behind a really large truck...

Had a bit of a giggle when it couldn't make it through...

And drove through a tree!

The interior was pretty scratched up - our SUV is pretty compact, and I was worried it was going to scrape the sides of the tree. I can hardly imagine how you'd fit a bigger car through! I've seen a lot of different drive thrus since we moved to the states last year. Drive thru Starbucks, drive thru atms, drive thru laundry... But this one topped them all :-)

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  1. Looks pretty neat. (Although I'm positive hubby would have to drive. I would hit the tree for sure!)


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