Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scenes from a Redwood forest

After spending the day at Crater Lake, our plan was to then drive across southern Oregon - back to California and make our way home back down the coast. As soon as you cross the border back into California, the redwoods start appearing again. The first park we came across was Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, home of the scenic Howland Hill Road and Stout Grove. The drive was on a single lane, 2 way dirt road so it was pretty slow going given everyone had to constantly pull use the turn outs. But the scenery - oh my.

We took a walk through Stout Grove, a spot similar to Muir Woods but not quite as busy. 

The size of the redwoods makes you feel a little insignificant. It's hard to show just how enormous these majestic trees really are through photos - but let me assure you, it was no easy feat getting all three of us up onto this log for a family shot!


  1. I would love to walk through this forest. Those redwoods are massive!

  2. the size. wow. great shots!

  3. love it Lu! Such lovely photos of you guys and the HUGE trees! Did you see any bears?? :)

    Love Martine

  4. Beautiful Pictures and Scenery! I can just imagine Mitch pressing the camera button and running and jumping that big tree for the family pic - would love to see the fail pics :)

  5. Amazing photos! I'm very jealous.


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