Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer road trippin'

It's been a busy week: a lot of miles covered and plenty of new scenery. Our mini break is over and as much as I do love me a road trip, I think I need another holiday to recover... This Mumma is TIRED!

It felt like we had a lot of variety in this trip - not just in the weather (which on day 1 got up to a whopping 113 deg / 45 celsius and at the end of the trip maximums were less than half that), but also the scenery. From snow capped mountains to a volcanic landscape, redwoods and beautiful rugged coastline, my craving for some nature time was definitely fulfilled...

More to come :-)

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  1. My husband and I were just talking about road trips! I would love to travel up and down the east coast and the west coast one day...or maybe even canada. Taking one of those scenic trains would also be really cool. You are very brave to do a roadtrip with a little one, though!! Our four hour drives with my toddler to see grandparents are more than enough for me!!


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