Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wandering Wednesday - Bruges, Belgium

Bruges was one of the very first places Mitch and I visited in Europe, back when we moved to France in 2007. We were staying in Antwerp at the time for one of Mitch's work conferences and my cousin Anna happened to be traveling through Belgium that same week. We met up with her for a lovely day touring around Bruges together.

Bruges is well known for it's canals - and after living in the Netherlands for a couple of years, the canal capital - I can still say that these are some of the prettiest I've seen. We arrived early in the morning and wandered around before the boats were active, while the water was still and the tourists hadn't yet arrived by the busload.

Like other European cities, Bruges has some impressive architecture...

The bell tower (made famous from the film In Bruges)...

And even a TINTIN store - much to my delight!

We always spoke about visiting Bruges again when we later moved back to Europe as it was so close to Holland, but sadly we never made it... One day, one day!

Happy wanderings :-)


  1. Yes, still one of my favourite places in Europe! We were so disappointed by our short trip to Paris, we detoured and stopped by Brugge (you spell it French, I spell it dutch!)on the way home just for the sheer loveliness of it!

  2. What a wonderful trip. I loved your pictures.

  3. A Tintin store! I would be in my element! Grew up on Tintin and Asterix books :)


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