Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wandering Wednesday - Carcassonne, France

Not just a popular board game, Carcassonne is actually a small city in southern France which we visited on our first French road trip back in 2007. Although I had never heard of the game at the time (it's since become a favourite in our household), there is a board game named after the pretty little medieval city that is worth playing just as much as visiting the city itself.

Although Carcassonne goes beyond the walls, the main tourist spot is the old fortified city. It's small but spectacular - it's one of those places that doesn't quite look real, almost like it should be at a theme park.

Being right on the tourist path, it's filled with the usual array of souvenir stores and restaurants galore. This area is known for cassoulet - a hearty stew of sausages and beans, and boy - it is GOOD! Considering the general busyness of the 'downtown area' of the old city, the city walls were surprisingly quiet. It made for a lovely afternoon stroll to work off our lunch!

My biggest complaint about Carcassonne? The PARKING! It took us maybe an hour of driving around and around to find a car parking space, and then it was a pretty big walk up to the fortified city. We didn't realise how long it would take to walk up to the city so we hadn't put enough coins in the parking machine to really explore within the old city walls thoroughly - and once we walked back to the car, we didn't want to walk back up the hill! It's just one of the downsides of going to a heavily touristed spot in summertime though, but it's worth it for a visit. One day, we would like to go back and explore this region a little more thoroughly - I'm sure a visit into Carcassonne will be on the to see list.

Happy wanderings :-)

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  1. Our commun friend Leanne sent me. Glad to see you have enjoyed visiting my hometown!


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