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Wandering Wednesday - Noosa, Australia

It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts. Back when I started blogging, Wandering Wednesday was a weekly series I started - it was a way for me to re-live our travel memories and share my experiences in different destinations.

I secretly think of myself a globetrotter; I love an adventure and if we didn't have to work (or could do so on the move and were prepared to home school), I could quite happily live a nomadic lifestyle. I feel like our traveling has slowed down a lot since we moved to the states. A busy life with a crazy toddler, less vacation allowance, bigger distances and higher travel expenses has forced us to really prioritize where we go. And yet, these feet are itchin'. I miss traveling. I don't think I realised just how lucky we were living in Europe, with all those different countries in our backyard, until we left. My travel wish list is so long and I feel like as soon as something is crossed off it, it is instantly replaced with another destination.

With travel on the brain, I've been feeling motivated lately to get back to one of my loves: travel writing. So - welcome back Wandering Wednesday! I can't promise it will always be weekly, but I'll try - and what better place to kick it off than Noosa, Australia...

Noosa is a town on the scenic Sunshine Coast, Queensland situated almost half way between the small town I grew up in and the 'big' city I moved to when I finished high school. And - Noosa would have to be my favourite place in the world. I realise that's a pretty big statement to make - my absolute favourite? But yes, I can say without any hesitation that there is no place like it. I think a lot of my love for Noosa has to do with memories made there growing up - during the summer, my Dad would drop my Mum, sisters and I off at a penthouse suite at one of the resorts (Dad being the non-resort type). We'd spend a week going to the beach, eating ice cream, watching movies, shopping... I remember one holiday when I was maybe 13 or 14 walking along the boardwalk at dusk and seeing all the couples watching the sunset and hoping that one day, I could do that too.

Fast forward a few years when Mitch and I started dating and it happened - Noosa then became 'our' place. Every year we have escaped for a long weekend or two at one of the resorts (my favourites would have to be the Sheraton, Tingirana - pictured, and Noosa Blue)...

We've spent Christmases there with my family...

And even just headed up for the day whenever we needed to escape the city...

Noosa does have a little bit of a reputation in Australia - some people think it's a little snobby, a little too swank. Personally, I don't buy it - to me, you just can't beat this beach town. Noosa Heads is what I consider to be the heart of Noosa: you have Hastings Street, with all it's shops and award winning restaurants - our personal favourites being Parisian people watching style Aromas for brunch, Massimos for authentic gelato and beachfront Bistro C for dinner & drinks - Bistro C featuring some of my Mums artwork also :-)

Walking distance from Hastings Street is the Noosa National Park - I love how there's not only beautiful beaches, but food & shopping AND hiking trails all so close together. By 'hiking', I don't mean anything hardcore - I can personally vouch for it being pretty easy going, as I once carried a surfboard into the park (and later got severely stung by jellyfish. Ouch. It wasn't a pretty morning!).

There's Noosa River - where we've spent our Christmas holidays at good ol' Sandy Beach Resort, and enjoyed many a lunch or dinner of fish & chips from the Red Emperor while people watching along the river walk.

And then there's Noosa north shore - it's a little more off the beaten track, a short barge ride across the river. We went there for Grade 11 school camp, there are campgrounds, horse riding and you can start the 4WD trek along the beach to Rainbow. A few years ago now we went beachfront camping here with friends. The beach isn't all that kid friendly given it's kind of a road, but it's so peaceful early in the morning - and you can't beat a sunrise over the water...

Even Mr Oliver loved Noosa - I can't wait to take him there again this Christmas!

Do you also have a holiday destination that feels like your second home?

Happy wanderings :-)


  1. What a beautiful place! Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!

    Janise (co-host of The Collective Social Blog Hop)

  2. Noosa looks pretty fantastic, Luana. I don't think you're "secretly" a globetrotter, so much as a real one, though! =) I agree, it is amazing to have so many great destinations at your fingertips while in Europe. And it is much more expensive to travel within North America for sure. Always admire your adventurous spirit, friend.


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