Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Choo Choo - looks who's 2!

Although last Friday was his actual birthday, we had a little party here at home for Mr Oliver on Sunday afternoon. You know, I had been feeling a bit so-so about having a party - a combination of exhaustion & really missing family was making me second guess myself, but I'm SO glad we did it. The look on Ollie's face when everyone was singing happy birthday & he blew out his candle was priceless.

His true birthday started with some present opening in Mummy & Daddy's bed, before he ran out to the living room to his big surprise...

We hid the rest of his presents around the room and although I wasn't sure that he would want to leave his train table to look for them, he really got into it! It was fun watching him get excited about his presents this year, as last year he was still so little and I had to do all the unwrapping!

Oliver had requested a train cake for his birthday, so we did a choo choo party. With tasty treats, decorations, great company and of course - THE Australian Women's Weekly train cake, it was a really lovely afternoon!

Thank you to everyone who came & celebrated our big boy with us and also to everyone who sent him birthday wishes from afar - we felt the love and I know Mr Oliver did too!

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  1. Looks fantastic Lu! Any ideas for Sophie's 10th? No chin in sight either!
    Kim x

  2. So so sweet! Looks like a great party! We go back and forth about parties too. Not having family close means just inviting friends, but those kiddos end up becoming like family :)

  3. I like the idea that you gave him a book first! Totally sweet! The cake train is lovely. :)

  4. Awww...How sweet! And that cake looks fabulous! Happy birthday to your little one!

  5. What a lucky little boy you have! I bet he'll love that train table forever! (Love that cake too.)

  6. Beautiful details! What a sweet little boy.

  7. Happy, happy birthday sweet Oliver! Good job on everything, mumma... it is all SO CUTE! That train cake is the coolest. I bet he just LOVED it all!

  8. OMG what a cute party! I LOVE the cake! I'm pinning it right now in case I ever have a boy in the future!

  9. Awwww. happy birthday!! What an awesome present and party. Well done you!

  10. AWESOME! Will show these pics to Walter when he gots home! So funny that he found out about the presents that we hided down there. And how great - all the details in the birthday party, what a lot of work!! Good job!
    How's he doing with he construction work on the train table?
    P.S. Before you realize, it's christmas... only 4 months from today!


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