Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wandering Wednesday - Park Guell: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona (or Spain in general) is one of those places that I only got to spend a few short days, but I've been dying to go back ever since. The mediterranean part of Europe is most appealing to me and I just loved the feel of Barcelona. It was warm even in February, the streets were bustling, the shopping was great and the tapas... Mmmm! Barcelona is a big city, with a lot of sights so today I wanted to wander on back to Park Guell - aka the gingerbread house park.

Park Guell is another masterpiece partially designed by the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. It was originally built with the intention of being a gated community - although this never came to fruition, I can only imagine what kind of community this would have been to live in. The park absolutely is beautiful, but the architecture is pretty full on - it actually reminded me a little of Disneyland...

Park Guell is a lovely spot to spend a couple of hours in Barcelona - it's busy, but it's fun to wander around and enjoy the sights. My favourite part? The view! The pavilion in the last photo gave beautiful views over Barcelona, all the way to the ocean.

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

Happy wanderings :-)

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  1. Wow! Barcelona is now added to my "need to travel to" list!

  2. Awesome photos! We went to Barcelona last year and explored the same area. Such beautiful architecture. :)

  3. No, I haven't! I've only been in Spain once for 5 minutes, and on the island Mallorca for 10 days. Looks/sounds good anyway! There's some space on my wishlist since San Francisco is done so I think I put it on there ;)


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