Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First trimester must haves

Oh, boy. Although I am SO glad to be done with the first trimester, the memories of the constant exhaustion and sickness are still a little fresh in my mind - mostly because they still haven't gone away. Although this isn't my first pregnancy, it's been a totally different experience to when I was pregnant with Oliver. While I'm waiting for that supposed second trimester glow to kick in, I thought I'd put together my first trimester must haves...

1. Acupressure wrist bands: although there are 'morning sickness' specific bands, it all does the same job so I went for the slightly less expensive version, by the same brand.

2. Water bottle: Headaches - one of those lovely side effects of all the hormones going crazy in your body during the first trimester. I'm a big water drinker usually but I found I had to drink an awful lot more water than usual to keep the headaches at bay, especially while we were out & about.

3. Mindless entertainment: we only got Netflix a few months ago but it has been a lifesaver. Although Oliver isn't a huge TV watcher, he has been watching a bit more than usual while I've been feeling unwell and it has been keeping us both sane. Not to mention naptimes - all I've been managing half the time is collapsing on the couch with a mindless show to watch!

4. Nausea relief gum: also by Sea Band, I found this nausea relief ginger gum to be AWESOME. I would chew some in the car on the way to wherever we were going and although the taste is intense (if you don't like ginger, it'll probably gross you out), it helped settle my queasy tummy.

5. Yoga pants: ask any of my friends... I LIVED in yoga pants this first trimester. None of my jeans fit by about 8 weeks and even a lot of my skirts felt uncomfortable on my rapidly bloating waistline. My favourite pants are the Mossimo ones from Target.

6. Cocoa butter: I used Palmers cocoa butter during my first pregnancy, every day from the time I found out I was expecting and didn't get a single stretch mark. Now, I suspect genes play a key role in this BUT it also stopped my belly from feeling dry & itchy. I've been using it this time around as well and I swear by the stuff. Note: I've used both the regular palmers and the stretch mark specific cream. I usually buy whatever is on special because in my opinion, they both seem to do the same job!

7. Prenatal vitamins: I have actually been on prenatal vitamins for a looong time - I took them when I was breastfeeding, and didn't bother to switch to a regular multi vitamin in between weaning & falling pregnant again (as I was hoping for it to be not too long of a gap!). During my first pregnancy in the Netherlands, I had to take a separate folic acid supplement but I love that here it's all included in the one tablet!

8. Pregnancy app: my favourite is the Baby Center 'My Pregnancy Today'. I tried so many for my first pregnancy but this one was by far my favourite - and, it's free!

Mamas, what are your first trimester must haves?

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  1. yes! Hope you are beginning to feeling better now. I was pretty sick with my two. Yoga pants weren't that in yet with my pregnancies (or maybe they were and I was oblivious) but I wear them now :) Oh and I think netflix is the best. Its a lifesaver when I have strep or the flu or some kind of illness

  2. So glad to hear that you found that gum to help with your nausea! I didn't even know they made that, but it's a good idea! I have been having these random (and weird timing) waves of nausea and was just telling Andrew tonight that I needed to go pick up some ginger ale. I might have to try this gum!

    I also use the My Pregnancy Today app! You should check out the Baby Bump app too, if you haven't already! I like that one a lot, and then I have the Cute Fruit app that gives me the silly fruits with faces for each week. ;)

  3. Great list!! I would add granola bars to your list. They were a lifesaver for me! They helped with the nausea and keeping my sugar from dropping.

  4. I never tried the ginger gum but eat ginger candies like I owned stock in them. I also kept saltine crackers by my bed. And yes love the cocoa butter. When it was on sale I also used Burt's Bees belly butter. Love that stuff!

    Thanks for stopping by the Mommy Mixer this week :)


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