Thursday, September 12, 2013

la petite bump {14 weeks}

How many weeks? 14 weeks.

Baby's size & weight? 3.5 inches / 1.5 ounces.

Pink or blue? 5 weeks and counting until we find out!

Weight gain? 5 kg / 11 lbs. I have definitely put on A LOT more weight with this pregnancy already. I only gained 17 kg total with Oliver and lost almost all of it within the first few weeks. I'd love to keep it the same this time around, so I'm hoping things even out over time. I honestly think this extra weight gain early on is due to a few different things - feeling so sick has meant all my working out came to a complete halt. Whereas when I was pregnant with Oliver, I was riding my bike every single day - it was my day to day mode of transport in the Netherlands. I also had already put on a bit of weight with the miscarriage, not necessarily all from the pregnancy but mostly from all the comfort eating afterwards. By the time I started working on losing that weight, I was pregnant again and dealing with morning sickness and exhaustion. Honestly, I am not feeling that pregnant glow this time around. My face feels huge, my arms have exploded and all I want to do is hit the gym but morning sickness isn't allowing me to do a whole lot right now!

Symptoms? I had pretty yucky morning sickness from around 5 weeks until 10 weeks. I only had 2 days of real morning sickness with Oliver and a little nausea here and there so it's been a real shock. I thought I was in the clear when it disappeared at 10 weeks but it reappeared at around 12 weeks and it's been AWFUL. I do not cope well with throwing up. Ugh. Ginger ale has once again become my new best friend.

The exhaustion isn't as bad as it was earlier, but I still don't feel entirely like myself. I'm feeling pretty run down in general; being pregnant while chasing after a toddler is a totally different experience to my first pregnancy. I can't wait til I have the energy to workout again, but I'll be taking it pretty easy given our scare a few weeks ago.

Movement? I honestly feel like I've felt something... I didn't feel Oliver move until 17 weeks when he gave me 3 solid kicks in a row - kicks I definitely couldn't mistake! But in the last week I've felt movement in there that I know isn't tummy grumblings... Eeeep! This time around, I know what it feels like so I wonder if that's why I've felt him/her move earlier? We'll see. I'm not *quite* counting it as real movement yet.

The best thing? Taking Oliver to our 13 week appointment. I wanted him to see the baby once, and given that the half way scan will also be my last (and I refuse to take a 2 year old to that one, it's so long!), the 13 week appointment was my last chance. As soon as the nurse left and the dr walked in, he demanded 'baby on TV'. So baby on TV it was! He was fascinated by the bed going up and down, and thought the ultrasound probe on my tummy was pretty hilarious - I think he's still a bit too young to really grasp what's going on, but it was fun to 'introduce' him to his little brother or sister already :-)

I was also amazed at the clarity of the 13 week ultrasound - we could count all 10 fingers! Baby was jumping around and waving, we asked my ob if she could take a guess at the gender but she said it all looks the same at this stage... Boo. I'm not a patient person!

The most difficult thing? The fear. Although the first trimester is done and dusted, I still can't fully relax. I'm definitely feeling a lot better about this pregnancy and finally, I'm excited but the loss earlier this year has really made me more nervous about pregnancy in general. I hate that I feel this way, I don't remember really having any of these fears with Oliver but I've also discovered that the more Mums I meet, the more horror stories I hear which really doesn't help calm my nerves. I also have a rough & tumble 2 year old BOY - tantrums often involve him kicking and punching and my poor tummy quite often cops it, which makes me even more nervous.

Appointments? So far we've had a dating scan (6 weeks) and another ultrasound at 11 weeks because of the scare but we had what felt like our first real appointment last week, at 13 weeks. I have my anatomy scan booked for 19 weeks (otherwise known as pink or blue day) but I won't see my ob again until 24 weeks... Only one week before we leave for Australia! She said that it's because nothing major happens between now and then. When I think back to my midwife appointments with Oliver, I only had one visit (to a dr in Switzerland, of all places) between 11 and 22 weeks, but it still feels strange.

Looking forward to? I am SO looking forward to the 20 week anatomy scan! Firstly, to see that everything is ok with baby but also just to get a really good peek. It's so detailed and I remember how fascinating it was last time around. Plus... I can't wait to know whether to shop for blue or pink :-)

Bump comparison? 14 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 14 weeks with this new little one on the right - I was definitely much bigger earlier on with this baby (way more bloated) but I feel like things are starting to even out a little. I feel like my bump was more pointy and high up with Oliver though?

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  1. Congratulations! I missed the fact that your are pregnant. Praying for peace for you...

  2. You look great! That is so sweet about Oliver getting excited about seeing the baby on the TV!

    I hear you on the morning sickness and the feeling gross--oh, I hear you! I would have a million babies if it weren't for how nasty I feel pregnant. Hang in there, friend! Have you tried yoga while you're waiting to get back to the gym? I have a video I really loved that I can recommend if you're interested. There's an actual morning sickness section which feels good, and the whole thing is just very gentle and soothing.

    And be encouraged--my little E thrived and was born absolutely healthy and beautiful despite the multitude of kicks and jabs and pushes from my active toddler (there's more padding for the baby than we realize!), despite lots of health scares from the doctor and extra ultrasounds, and despite me carrying and chasing after my toddler constantly...your little one will be healthy and safe, too :) You are in my prayers!

    1. And PS--your comment about Netherlands and biking...I visited the Hague for a week in college, and I think it is one of my favorite places. The trees, the painted doors...and the hundreds and hundreds of bicycles everywhere! Good memories :)

  3. This is seriously amazing!! Your cute little bump is tiny!

  4. Aww, congratulations! I was huge last year when I was pregnant with my second little boy, Ralph, I was all out front. You look good so far. : )

  5. Yay! And you should be so happy you are out of the first trimester. Hugs and try to enjoy it all!!! (:

  6. Wow you look good! So good to see that baby is growing and growing :). So sorry about the exhaustion and sickness ... Hope it'll not return from now!!

  7. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster award because I love your blog. Check out my related post.


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