Friday, September 27, 2013

la petite bump {16 weeks}

How many weeks? 16 weeks.

Baby's size & weight?
 4.5 inches / 3.5 ounces (11.6 cm / 100 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY! Because patience is not one of my strong points, we had a last minute gender peek done on Friday at a 4D place and it didn't take long to guess what we're having - just like his big brother, this little guy is not shy!!! We got a bunch of pictures and a DVD of the entire scan. He did look a bit alien like at times - it was nothing like the 4D scan we had done with Ollie at 29 weeks, but still pretty cool!

Weight gain? 6kg / 13lbs. I still feel like I'm gaining rapidly even though I'm eating healthily. Again - this pregnancy is just so different to my pregnancy with Oliver. I am dying to get back to the gym and just spend a bit of time tuned out on the elliptical, even just for my mental health but morning sickness + exhaustion still hanging around has made late afternoon strolls around the neighborhood the limit of my exercise these days.

Symptoms? I'm still waiting for that second trimester 'glow' to kick in. I have to admit, I overdid it for a few days last week and I've been paying for it ever since - exhaustion is kicking my butt right now. Morning sickness still hasn't completely disappeared unfortunately. I'm not throwing up every day though now so that's a big plus, but I really hope it all goes away sooner rather than later.

Movement? It started with flutters between 14-15 weeks, but by 15 weeks I felt those first definite kicks! As we saw on the ultrasound last week, this little guy is quite the mover & shaker and I'm definitely feeling it.

The best thing? Finding out the gender! I had been really struggling to bond with this baby still - having to call him an it was really getting to me, so it feels SO good to know what we're having. I feel like I can really start to get excited now, not to mention start planning out the nursery.

The most difficult thing? Having to pack away all my pre-pregnancy jeans :-( I know it'll be some time before we meet again, and that makes me sad - I despise maternity clothes!!! I've bought a couple of pairs of new maternity jeans over here and although the belly coverage is more comfortable, I really don't like the style of the (non existent) waistband. The pants I bought in Europe still had belt loops and a faux button - they actually resembled jeans. I'm kicking myself for getting rid of most of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Oliver.

Appointments? The 4D ultrasound we had done last week was just for fun - not a medical scan. My next appointment isn't until 19 weeks for the anatomy scan. I'm looking forward to seeing our little mister again and curious to see what the doctors say about his size. The sonographer at the 4D place said he looked 'very well sized for gestation' - she asked how big Ollie was (8lbs5oz) and said she'd guess this little guy will be at least 1lb BIGGER! Not what you want to hear at only 15 weeks pregnant...

Looking forward to? I can't wait for Mitch & Ollie to feel the kicks too! It only took about a week or two when I was pregnant with Oliver for movement to be felt on the outside, this time around I felt movement a few weeks earlier but it's taking longer to be felt on the outside. I'm really curious to see Ollie's reaction!

Bump comparison? 16 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 16 weeks with this little guy on the right. Definitely much lower this time!

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  1. Awww, I'm so excited for you! Is Oliver ready for his baby brother?

  2. Wow, you look fantastic! So exctiing!!


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