Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wandering Wednesday - Giethoorn, The Netherlands

This new season has been making me crave Europe, in particular - the Netherlands, our second home. Autumn there was pretty special and I'd give just about anything to be back there right now enjoying this season. Seeing as that's not going to happen, I just have to make do with flicking back through photos and reminiscing about our time spent in the country I usually referred to as flatland.

Giethoorn is a small town in the north known as the 'Venice of the North'. We took a day trip to this part of the country (I just love how we lived in a country small enough to drive from one side to the other and back in a day!) when we were touring some of the northern tulip fields in the spring of 2011. I was pregnant with Oliver at that time and after a morning exploring the colourful fields, we stopped off in this picture perfect little canal town.

Although you can see the village by foot, the best way is to hit the waterways. You can rent a canoe style boat, but after seeing the number of near accidents (and the colour of the water - I DID NOT want to fall in!) we opted for the guided tour. 5 euros a person and 30 minutes sitting back and relaxing in a shaded boat was a very good option indeed!

Giethoorn is one of those destinations that might not be full of famous touristy sights, but is just a lovely place to spend an afternoon meandering around. We took our boat ride, enjoyed an ice cream and explored the village shops & galleries at our leisure. To me, it's definitely a spring/summer destination; I wouldn't recommend it in the cooler months - unless of course you are into ice skating, because I'm going to take a guess that the canals freeze over :)

Have you ever been to the Netherlands?

Happy wanderings :)

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  1. So, all the pics are beautiful, but this one of you and Mitch? It should be blown up and hung in your home ! It is crazy beautiful of you both!!!!

  2. Hope you make it to come over one or another day!! Even if it's only in 39 years you're so much welcome!!
    Well I have to say it's lovely in the NL at the moment. After some freezing cold days a kind of after summer returned to us. Nice temperatures and a bit of sunshine. But usually autumn is terrible here... Don't forget we all have to cycle through rain, because traffic and over-crowded public transport don't make the other ways of transport a serious alternative.
    Anyway I'll send you some Dutch snaps down and then. You will hardly recognize the area around the train station for example... a real make over. Not to speak about Lent!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Hehe 39 years was meant to be 30 years but doesnt change the meaning at all

  4. Lovely pics. My parents used to take my brothers and I on holiday to the Netherlands when we were little. I don't remember all the place names, but I remember how pretty it all was. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  5. My family is Dutch and I've always wanted to visit the motherland, so thanks for adding another stop on my bucketlist! VERY cool! :)


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