Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At 2 years and 2 months...

Poor Mr Oliver. He turned two way back in August and I feel like he's since been a little forgotten about on this little old blog. Although I no longer think of his age as x months - he'll be 'just turned two' until he's 'two and a half' and then we'll hit three and start all over again - he's still changing rapidly and learning so much, I don't want to miss documenting his early years as life gets busier with a new little one joining our family.

At 2 years and 2 months, Mr Oliver...

... gave us his first hint of an American accent: he says zEEbra, not zEBra :-( At least he is still calling me mUmmy, but still - I know the American accent is inevitable and it's scaring me!

... loves to watch Playschool (only the best Aussie kids show, hands down). We only have 2 DVDs that don't work in our US player (ugh) so he only gets to watch them on roadtrips on the portable player. Instead, he gets to watch episodes of old school Playschool on youtube. Like, the stuff that I used to watch as a kid!!! He only watches a little TV after nap every day but he already knows the intro song and will go around randomly singing it during the day.

... has a new found obsession: dinosaurs. When we were camping, he hoarded a bunch of little plastic dinosaurs that a friend brought to share. He hid them all in his bed and they haven't left his side since. He regularly likes to sneak up on me with one and loudly exclaim ROAR!, followed by 'hehe scared Mummy'.

... loves to count. Sometimes he surprises us and can count to sixteen without missing a beat, but usually it sounds more like onetwofreesixsevenweventwelvesixteenfiveteen hehehe.

... is quite the little backseat driver. When he sees a green light (even if it's an arrow, not for me) he will yell GREEN LIGHT GO MUMMY!

... won't go to sleep until he has emptied every piece off his train table onto his pillow (tracks excluded). And when he drops a piece onto the floor, he is apparently incapable of picking it up himself and screams until we go in and get it for him. It's becoming ridiculous. We're trying to limit him to 2 or 3 pieces, but the kid is determined.

... has been experiencing a bit of separation anxiety again. It's been ages since we've dealt with this, and although it could be worse - it still breaks my heart to hear when he's having a rough time being away from me in the nursery. He has a little mantra 'mummy gone, mummy always comes back' which he apparently repeats again and again and practically starts shaking with excitement when I pick him up.

... has finally conquered the fork. And spoon. We did baby led solids, so he has always eaten appropriate finger foods and fed himself from the word go, but from around 18 months onwards he refused to use cutlery. We just let him use his hands and/or fed him ourselves, but one day recently he just picked up his fork and went for it. He hasn't looked back since - it's been awesome, although cereal scooping can get a little messy. We also changed his Stokke into the big boy chair and got rid of the table top, so I think he's feeling like a big boy nowadays.

... is really starting to use his imagination. He makes his toys talk to each other and loves playing doctor - apparently his curious George needs to go to hospital a lot and his trains often need their wheels or engines fixed by the train doctor.

... loves to say grace. He also loves just saying A-MEN! Sometimes we'll hear him in his room at night shouting it with glee.

... talks about baby brother all. the. time. He loves to pat my tummy and say 'baby brother moving around' (even when he can't feel it), although he has once patted my tummy in public and proudly exclaimed 'Mummy had lots food'. Thank you child, thank you.

... speaking of talking - he never stops. He's a lot more quiet in public mind you, but at home he's a real little chatterbox. He talks in sentences and finally has started to use you/me/my/I correctly. The talking isn't always cute though. Lets just say there was a day there last week where he refused to nap, instead shouting out MUMMY TAKE WALLEY TO HOSPITAL again and again. For over an hour. Whenever I asked him why, he proudly exclaimed SPLINTER IN FOOT! (there was no splinter). Yes - we've got to toughen this cutie up!

I have to admit, the couple of months since Ollie turned 2 have been rough. From 12-18 months, it was the full blown tantrums that had to be seen to be believed. Then it was the biting. Then it was the head banging on the floor/wall/furniture. And at 2 - the aggression started. It's hard and frustrating, but we're getting there - step by step. I do wonder though what it is going to be next? But at the end of each day, no matter how rough it is - I love this kid so much I could burst :-)

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  1. Agh, he's precious!!
    You should do an explanation of all things's slowly dawning on me how little I know about Aussies and the land down under...O_o

  2. He sounds like such an awesome little man! :-)

  3. love Oliver Lu! Can't wait to see you guys!! lots of love, Martine

  4. A-MEN! With such passion! Love it :) He is just so cute!


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