Friday, October 25, 2013

la petite bump {20 weeks}

How many weeks? 20 weeks - half way!!!

Baby's size and weight? 6.46 inches / 10.58 ounces (16.4cm / 300g)

Pink or blue? Most definitely a BOY!!! We had it re-confirmed at the ultrasound last week. Little mister is not shy!!!

Weight gain? 7.4 kg / 16lbs. I wish I knew how much I had gained by this point in my pregnancy with Oliver, but I just wasn't tracking it. I gained 17kg total (37.5 lbs) last time, so I'm very curious to see how this bump will compare!

Symptoms? Still throwing up, although it's probably only once or twice a week now which is bearable. Nausea is mostly gone too!!! I've been getting lots of headaches though - probably from a lack of sleep - and still feeling generally tired. This past week I've been feeling particularly run down - Ollie and I were both sick, and he has his 2 year molars coming through so none of us have been sleeping well.

Movement? All day, every day. It seems this little guy doesn't know how to sit still... Eeeek! He wasn't cooperating for the 20 week ultrasound either, he was constantly jumping around or sticking his hands in the way!

The best thing? Reaching the mid way point and getting the all clear on last weeks ultrasound. I feel more relaxed as each week goes by. Both Mitch and I couldn't believe just how detailed the scan was - WAY more than in the Netherlands. Here they checked every bone, every joint, the arteries, blood flow, kidney function. We even got close ups of his teeny tiny baby feet! After the scan though, I'm not really 100% sure on my due date - I've been told 2 different dates so far and then the baby was measuring different to both of those, so we're just planning for anytime in the first half of March! My waters broke with Oliver at 39 weeks so it'll be interesting to see if I go early again this time around.

The most difficult thing? October 17th was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Seeing posts coming up on social media brought back a lot of memories that are still raw. Writing is my therapy though and working through my post earlier this week really helped me to deal with a lot of emotions.

Appointments? I don't see my ob-gyn again until the week before we leave for Australia. I need to find out what this means in terms of potential appointments while we're away, as we'll be gone until the new year and from what I've been told, I need to get the glucose test done in this time.

Looking forward to? I am really excited about all the preparations for our new little mister. Although he will get to the use clothes that we kept from Oliver, I can't wait to shop for his own special little outfits and DECORATE THE NURSERY!!! I am so very excited over this one. I never really got to decorate a nursery with Oliver as he didn't have his own room in our little 1 bedroom Dutch apartment. Although bubba will room with us for the first 6 months (I bought a co-sleeper recently that attaches to the bed), I still want him to have his own special space.

Bump comparison? 20 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs the half way point with this new little guy on the right! Someone told me the other day that I look tiny... I feel huge, but I have to say - I am in a much better place with body image right now. I felt so bloated and enormous in every single place for the first few months, but I finally feel 'good' again now.

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  1. You look adorable! My sister in law had her glucose test done at 18 weeks, which I thought was way early, but maybe they can do it before you go...

  2. You look great! Congrats on the halfway mark!

  3. I think our dates are very similar. I was 20 weeks on 23rd oct and are due march 12. Measuring right on date! The nausea has stopped for me too and only vomiting once a week aswell- but the headaches have hit me for six. They're constant, more like a migraine, and only being able to have panadol is annoying! My boy was the same, kept moving his hands and feet where the ultrasound was meant to get a picture! I have to go back in two weeks as he just couldn't get good enough images! Love being at the same stage as other women!

  4. Congratulations!! A little boy. :) Sweet, sweet boys. And half-way there? It's amazing isn't it? I feel like the time has flown for me, though I feel that from here on out it will be slower. Or maybe not, and all of a sudden my life will be rocked and I'll have a bebe!

  5. And you look great by the way! Glad you are feeling more comfortable in your skin this time. I feel like this is the hardest time of pregnancy, body image wise.

  6. Oooh Oooh! decorating the nursery! Have fun! That was my favorite part too. Hope you share what you come up with!

  7. Yay! you're half way so exciting! love the Photo's!

  8. Half way through mama!!! (:

  9. I found you through the Life of TOI linkup. You look great! I love that you're just two weeks ahead of me. Gunna follow along on your ride! Yay for being 1/2 way there. That little foot in the sonogram is soooo perfect!

  10. Wow, half way there is amazing feeling. What a cute profile. Here in Canada they only do one ultrasound so I'm going by that for everything. Just like your little one mine can't keep still :)


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