Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let the fall fun begin!

It really started to feel like autumn last weekend - we went apple picking! Last year was actually our first apple picking experience and this year we headed back to the same orchard with a few friends to get some tasty organic apples. After looking at the date of last years post, I now realise we went a little earlier this year - which would explain why there weren't quite so many apples ripe for picking. Even so, it was fun to watch our little cutie running through the rows of apple trees, searching for the perfect piece of fruit!

The orchard had improved a little since last year - they were a bit better set up with a new picnic area & farm stand selling freshly baked (and squeezed) apple products. They also had a little pumpkin patch - Oliver rather enjoyed re-arranging the display and playing drums on the big pumpkins!

Now the question is - what to do with all the apples??? So far I've whipped up a batch of apple sauce, but I'm thinking maybe some apple pie or crumble is next on the list?

Let the fall fun begin!

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  1. Lovely photos - especially the ones of your little guy in the pumpkin patch! Makes me want to go and find a pumpkin patch right now!
    We have a glut of apples here (being a bit further north ours are probably ready sooner) - if you're feeling adventurous and have some other veggies, they make great chutney. I made up a batch of sauce and made apple pancakes (crepes) ...or for the grown-ups there's always and 'Apple-tini' ;)
    Sarah :)

  2. These photos are gorgeous! Especially the black n white at the top! I'm totally diggin the sunglasses! Lil Mister also always wants to wear his! You should look up
    We love chutney and apple chutney is great on turkey and ham! You can also use it on sandwiches or in chicken salad!

  3. I love Oliver's little sunglasses! So cute that he kept them on the whole time :)
    I'd really love to find an (organic!) apple orchard here to go apple picking, but not sure if it will be in the cards this year. Last year, I made crock pot apple butter. IT WAS SO GOOD. I canned it and gave it to family for Christmas!


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