Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My happy place: Lake Tahoe, California

Wherever we have lived in the world, I always have a happy place. Somewhere where I've been multiple times and can go back in a heartbeat. In Australia, it's Noosa. When we lived in the Netherlands, it was a little pub in a small town just over the border in Germany. In California, it's Lake Tahoe. It's a 4 hour drive from home, but when you consider just how big this state/country is - it's practically in our backyard.

We've been here a few times now, in both summer and winter and I was really bummed when we couldn't go with our Dutch friends in August to camp by the lake. I was utterly exhausted and sick and could barely get through dinner upright, let alone camping for a weekend. So, instead we took Mitch's parents and brother to the lake a couple of weekends ago and can I just say - fall at Lake Tahoe is awesome.

The weather is crisp - cool enough during the day to wear leggings & uggs without sweltering, but not so cold that you need a coat. The water is still from the lack of swimmers and boaters, and crystal clear as always. The mountains were surprisingly not yet snow capped, although it did snow just a few days after we left. And the trees....

Well, the autumn colours by the lake were spectacular. We only had one night, but I'd love to go back to this south lake resort for a longer period. It wasn't super fancy, but the suites were self contained and roomy and there were a couple of pools + hot tubs and a private beach - perfect for watching the sun set from...

Although it was only a short break, I felt refreshed. We ate at our favourite pizza joint (Base Camp Pizza - love!), enjoyed the scenery and tried not to get frustrated by the closures. Being the first weekend in October, I think it was more likely the government shutdown rather than seasonal closure that meant the beaches, lookouts and TOILETS were all locked up. Not the best news for a pregnant lady who has a baby boy that likes to bounce on her bladder all day long, but we coped.

I love my Californian happy place... Can't wait to go back in the snow!

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  1. Gorgeous! We only went in the winter, but we loved it!

  2. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.
    lake tahoe is amaaaziiing and your photos have captured it perfectly!
    i haven't been in many, many years, so it was great to see them in this post.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hope you are feeling well! I snowboarded for a day in Kirkwood but I'd love to go back and spend some more time in Tahoe and see the area properly, it is beautiful! X

  4. Love these photos! The sea looks stunning and the blue sky is gorgeous. And of course, ur boy is adorable. :)

  5. These photos are beautiful. You look great, girl!

  6. Thanks for sharing my blog! I used to go to Lake Tahoe with my family as a kid but haven't been there in forever! You may be inspiring another trip soon!


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