Thursday, October 17, 2013

Slow down, mama

This season of life we've been in lately has felt busy. Since May, it honestly feels like we've just had one thing after another and I haven't had much breathing space. There was the pregnancy, the trip to Mexico, the miscarriage, getting pregnant again, being horribly sick and emotional, having international friends visiting, Oliver's 2nd birthday, Mitch going overseas a few times, my in-laws visiting from Australia... After being go-go-go for months, I feel like I've finally woken up and it's now mid October. Next month we are leaving for an extended trip to Australia and by the time we get back, I'll only have a couple of months before this new little one is here.

I am a doer. I like to keep busy. Distracting myself to the point of exhaustion was the only way I got through the miscarriage and I just feel like I haven't slowed down since. My mind is always full and the minute my to-do list is looking reasonable, I create more work for myself. New projects. New ideas for the shop, the blog. Someone was recently asking me what I typically do with Ollie each day and she commented how it's good that I keep busy. I love being busy; we have plans almost every single day. If we have a spare day, we usually end up on a playdate. And it's not a bad thing; I love it! In recent weeks however I've really felt God putting something on my heart. Slow down, mama.

As much as I tend to thrive off being constantly on the go, I've come to realise that I need to take more time. Slow down, mama. I'm not superwoman and I never will be. I blinked, and my baby boy is 2. I now have had a taste of just how fast our new little guy is going to grow and change I want to enjoy the moments more. In the past week I've been challenging myself to multi-task less and live a little more intentionally. Instead of trying distractedly playing with Oliver whilst cooking dinner and responding to emails that I just feel I 'have' to deal with right now (and 9/10 times, is not the case), I'm focusing on one thing at a time: the important things, spending quality time with my ever changing son. And you know what - I think it's the greatest favor I could ever do for my child. Not only am I happier and less stressed, but he is too. And yes, it means that dinner might be cooked & eaten a little later and bedtime gets pushed back, but it's worth it. I realise that life is busy and full of hiccups so I can't always be down on the floor playing with him or reading books together, but when I do get to do those things, I want to do it with intention, not distraction.

Next year, our life is going to change pretty dramatically. A new little person is joining our family and it's going to be a transition not just for Oliver, but for Mitch and I also. We're pretty set in our routine now and sometimes I get a little scared when I think about how the little me time I get now is probably going to non existent as of next March. I also really want to enjoy the infant stage a little more. Don't get me wrong - we had a great experience with Ollie! But in hindsight, I feel like I just wished him through each phase, wanting him to grow and reach new milestones without fully embracing the stage we were in at the time.

I can't slow down without actively making choices that allow me to just breathe & enjoy life with a little less pressure. So, I'm making a few changes. I've decided to soon (temporarily) put my Etsy store in vacation mode while I decide where I want this to head in the future. I've been feeling like I've been dipping my toes in too many projects and I'd just like to focus on a few specific products for the shop in the future; but I'm still figuring that out. I'll be announcing a sale soon - I'd like to clear out some storage space (plus, who doesn't love a sale when it's getting close to Christmas!). I also want to spend more time sewing for our new little guy and decorating the nursery, and honestly - there's only so many hours in a day. Maintaining my shop, filling orders & doing post office runs isn't always a huge task, but combined with pregnancy exhaustion... Ugh. The joy is taken out of it! I've also decided to take a step back with the blog and all that entails. I'll still be here BUT I've had it on my heart to focus less on stats and more on writing from the heart. I've also decided to (again, temporarily) remove advertising as of next month, swaps included. I've also been re-assessing my social media presence, which isn't huge, but still - I want to use my time wisely.

Slow down, mama... It's been put on my heart for a reason. And I intend to listen to it for a change, instead of just powering on through.

Do you ever feel the need to slow down?

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  1. Ditto:) Totally can relate!


  2. Great post! Yes, I do feel like I need a slow down sometimes. That's why I'm gonna put on my running shoes NOW and speed up through the park and along the river, shaded by the beautiful, sun-covered coloured autumn leaves!!
    Still planning to send you photos!!
    BTW weather looks still so nice in San Francisco... enjoy your prolonged summer!

  3. You're so right! I feel the need to slow down constantly tugging on my heart and then my to do list starts tugging at my mind! But the littles grow so quickly and before we know it they're in school and no longer want midnight snacks, early morning cuddles and tickle fights after work! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and take some time during your extended Holiday home to just relax and stop for a while!

  4. Me too! Our youngest is 15 months and I have to remind myself not to stress over housework being left for an hour. He will be off to preschool before I know it. :(

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo


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