Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend goodness @ the KOA, Santa Cruz

Last weekend we took a long awaited group getaway with friends from my mothers group/church to a KOA campground in nearby Santa Cruz. With cute (heated) cabins, firepits perfect for roasting up some s'mores (my first ever!), a train, giant sandpit and a huge bouncy pillow that wore all the kiddos out... well, it was glamping at it's finest :-)

We did attempt to get a photo of all our kiddos but in hindsight, lining up a herd of small children in front of a firepit for a happy snap probably wasn't the most clever idea... It was impossible to get them all in the frame + sitting still while keeping everyone away from the fire!!!

Other then one of our friends needing an emergency appendectomy (yes, that really happened!), it was a pretty laid back, stress free weekend. A getaway that I could see us making regular... I love my little village and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a great bunch of friends :-)

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  1. Great pics!!
    We SO want to join ya'll next time!!!
    The pic of you and Mitch is just beautiful :)

  2. What a lovely weekend and so nice for the children to play together like that. I love when our boys play with our friends' children. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Looks like it was such a fun weekend!!

  4. Love these photos and your boy is adorable!!! :)


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