Friday, November 22, 2013

la petite bump {24 weeks}

How many weeks? 24 weeks. Or maybe 25. I don't know, I have 2 due dates a week or so apart but I think officially we are now going with the earlier one.

Baby's size and weight? 11.81 inches / 1.32 pounds (30cm / 600 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 10.6kg / 23.3lbs. A brochure I got from the dr said that for my BMI, I should gain 25-35lbs during pregnancy. Hmmmmm.... I'm feeling like I'll be well on the upper end of that, if not over as baby starts getting so much bigger from this point on. My bump so far is pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Ollie, but I just feel so much bigger all over this time. With Ollie I gained a total of 37lbs and I felt really good with that, so we'll see what happens this time around.

Symptoms? So in the last 2 weeks I was really feeling better. No throwing up, more energy... Then on Monday I started feeling achey. Sore throat. Nauseous. Tuesday I woke up with that good old ivebeenhitbyatruck feeling... Ugh. Hello, flu season. Can I just say that pregnancy + the flu sucks? Seriously, if we can plan it next time around, I do not want to be pregnant during the winter months!!! I was really hoping I could avoid any sickness as we have a 15 hour flight to get through in less than a week!!! Mr Oliver hasn't been well either, I'm just praying that it all clears up (and Mitch stays healthy) before next Wednesday. We've made 2 trips to Australia in the past 4 years and both times I've gotten really sick, so I'm just going with the theory that I'm getting my sickness over and done with early this time. I'm can be hopeful, right?

Movement? Lots of rolling, kicking and hiccups... And according to Mr Oliver, baby brother is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in utero. He pulled up my shirt the other day, lay his head on my bump and about 10 seconds later told me that baby brother was singing :-) My ob told me that in around 2 weeks time, I'll feel a lot less movement as there will be more fluid in there cushioning the feeling. I don't remember being told this with Oliver, we'll see what happens! The nurse also gave me a kick chart to start recording movement from 28 weeks on - again, I was never given anything like this with Oliver.

The best thing? We actually decided on a NAME!!! We'd narrowed the list down to 2 names awhile back but couldn't decide between them, one being a name we had picked for Oliver but didn't use and the other being a family name that has an American feel to it. After mulling it over, we both felt a stronger calling towards one name over the other and I *think* it's decided... YAY!!!

The most difficult thing? Honestly? Putting all my (pretty) regular bras into storage. I think I shed more tears over this then my jeans!!! I had been delaying this as long as possible and it really should have been done weeks ago, as I am busting out of everything I own and in agony by the end of the day from the underwire. I kept a couple of newer maternity bras from when I finished nursing and I've been living in them, but I desperately need to go shopping for more. Any suggestions on where to buy the best (comfiest) non-underwire nursing bras?

Appointments? I had my 24 week appointment this week and all looks well. We didn't get to see baby but listened to the heartbeat and growth all seems to be on track. I am going back in just before we leave to get my letter to fly, the 1hr glucose test and more blood work, and everything else they are going to just delay until 30 weeks when we return. My next appointment is 2 days after we get back so it'll only be 6 weeks or so between appointments. At least we'll be in Australia so if anything happens, I know I'm in good hands - unlike the scare we had at 29 weeks while holidaying in Croatia... Something I never want to experience again.

Looking forward to? It might seem silly, but I am really looking forward to showing the bump to my family in Australia! I went through an entire pregnancy with Oliver overseas and not one family member saw me pregnant. I'm also really just looking forward to spending some time back in Aus - especially as it will be SUMMER there!

Bump comparison? 24 weeks with Oliver on the left vs 24 weeks with this new little guy on the right... Right on track!

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  1. You look great! Too bad you're feeling ill… hopefully it passes soon. I got two nursing bras from Target that I really like. One has underwire and the other one doesn't. Both are comfy and I think both were under $20!

  2. I got a nursing bra from target, too, that doesn't have an underwire. It's...meh. But cheap! I also heard Soma has started selling nursing bras...I don't know if they have underwire or not, but I have some other things from them and everything is super high quality and SO comfortable!

  3. You do look great! And definitely the same size as before. And I am right there with you on bras. Not because I had to put my pretty ones away, because I don't even have pretty ones, but just because I HATE THEM. All bras. Yet I am not ready to become a hippie non-bra wearer quite yet. Yay baby BOY!

  4. Cant wait to see your bump too!! and you! love the photos of the bee party so great! maybe you could start a party business?? :)
    Lots of love!! Martine

  5. Such a cute bump. I'm slowly creeping up on 20 pounds and I'm barely halfway through :/ but I know that I'm staying active & the stuff I'm eating isn't that bad ;) I'm so happy that you get to share your pregnancy w your fam!


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