Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second trimester must haves

By the time we return from Australia, I'll have hit my third trimester. That's just plain scary - this pregnancy has been flying by! Although the second trimester has been more enjoyable than the first trimester, I didn't feel such a huge change (or 'glow') like I did with Oliver and just like during the first 12 weeks, there are a few items that have been essential during these past weeks...

1. Baby Names book: we didn't start thinking names this pregnancy until we found out the gender. But as soon as I knew this little one was a boy, I wanted to get the list of names narrowed down! I had this book from my pregnancy with Oliver (hence, the 2011 edition) and it's been a great starting point although to be honest, we do just consult google a lot of the time.

2. Maternity jeans: there is no way a belly band is cutting it - maternity jeans have been a must for me these past couple of months. I've bought a few pairs this pregnancy (as I stupidly got rid of most of my maternity wear) but these skinny leg ones from Motherhood Maternity are by far my favourite. Now that the weather is cooler, I live between these & my black maternity leggings - well, when I can be bothered to get out of my trackies!

3. Gym ball/birth ball: although it gets worse in the third trimester when the bump is really bulging, some days I find that I just can't comfy on the couch or chair: hello, birth ball. I bought mine in the Netherlands at our hypnobirthing course, but a regular gym ball works too. The advantage of the birth ease ball is that it won't suddenly burst and leave you on the floor; if there's a problem, it'll deflate slowly. I don't necessarily sit on mine: I prefer to be on the rug on my knees and hang my upper body over the ball and slowly rock. It really helps with the pelvic pain and is also great for encouraging baby to move/stay head down.

4. Long, comfy t-shirts: I didn't buy a single maternity shirt when I was pregnant with Oliver and now I'm wondering why?!?! I've invested in a handful this time around from Target and Motherhood and I feel like they show off my bump better - plus, they are super comfy. My personal favourite is a Liz Lange tunic that I picked up in the clearance section at Target awhile back, it's really long so can be worn with leggings and is really soft.

5. Heat pack: the pelvic pain & backache has begun for me during the second trimester. After Oliver goes to bed, I love to just sit down on the couch with a cuppa and a heat pack to relieve the aches & pains that are part and parcel of pregnancy (and often seem worsened from picking up and running around after a 2 year old all day). I love my wheat pack that I bought in Holland but haven't been able to find anything similar here, except a DIY version that sounds easy enough to whip up.

6. Notebook: I am forever thinking of questions I want to ask my doctor, or things I need to do before the baby is born. I do use my phone to maintain my ongoing to-do list but I prefer to be a bit old fashioned and write things down in a nice notebook. Mine is forever changing as I use them up so fast, but my current one is just from the $1 bin at Target.

Mamas, what are your second trimester must haves?

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  1. OMG I loved having a gym ball while I was prego! Great list!

  2. I'm jealous? I'm 20w & it feels like I've been pregnant forever already! I had a list of questions my first time w AJ. Now the doc will ask me if I have any questions & ill just blank. Second child syndrome already!

  3. I don't have a child... yet. But I need to bookmark all of these posts for when it's time! Great info!


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