Thursday, November 28, 2013


This week is a week to be thankful - and although I'm sad we'll be missing our second ever turkey day, I'm also very thankful as it means we'll be en route to the land down under!

This little old blog here will probably be a bit neglected over the coming weeks, as we spend time catching up with family and friends back in Australia. Although the thought of the flight right now is really not appealing (sick + pregnant + toddler + 16hrs cooped up on a plane), I know it's going to be worth it - bring on summer holidays! This pregnant mama cannot wait to get back to the beach...

Happy Thanksgiving all :-)

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  1. Ok. I'm totally confused. Where are you living now? I thought you were in Australia and coming back to the US, but clearly I haven't kept up enough or given blogging enough space in my brain. ;)

    Hope the flight goes well!! I feel like they typically go much more smoothly than you imagine, though that is definitely a long one... Have a great holiday and time down under!


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