Saturday, December 7, 2013

la petite bump {26 weeks}

How many weeks? 26 weeks down, 14 (or less now - I'm a bit late with this post) to go!

Baby's size and weight? 14.02 inches / 1.68 pounds (35.6 cm / 760 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? Unknown - I've been tracking my weight on wii fit which I obviously don't have here with me and quite honestly, I'm very happy to take a break from the scales while we are on holidays during the Christmas season!

Symptoms? I've been sick for the last couple of weeks and I'm still not 100% - I had the flu before we flew out to Australia last week and although I'm not feeling 'sick' as such, I am still SO congested. Sleep at night has become really difficult as I'm waking up multiple times a night due to having trouble breathing. Really hoping & praying that it eases off soon. In general though, I'm not feeling too bad. Still a little tired, but I think that's more from interrupted sleep overnight rather than jetlag.

Movement? The littlest guy kicked me for 14+hours straight on the first flight over (lets just say he didn't appreciate the cramped way I was sitting on the plane) and has had lots of bouts of hiccups in the past week. I'm still feeling plenty of movement, but mostly at night when I lay down.

The best thing? It was a long sleepless flight to Brisbane, but so worth it - it's just so good to be back in the land down under again and this time with the bump! The trip is already flying by though, we've been gone more than a week already. I'm really hoping it slows down from here on out!!!

The most difficult thing? Feeling so congested still :-( I seriously have gotten sick EVERY time we have been back to Australia in the past 4 years so I'm a starting to wonder if I'm allergic to the country...

Appointments? Nothing until we get back - I see my dr again early in the new year. I did my glucose test & bloods before we left and other then being anaemic (surprise surprise - no wonder I've been so tired!) everything was looking great.

Looking forward to? Mitch and I are hoping to escape for a night soon to Noosa, our favourite place for a getaway. It'll be the first time we've been away from Oliver overnight together, eeeek!

Bump comparison? 26 weeks with Oliver on the left vs 26/27 weeks with this little guy on the right... Once again - right on track!

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  1. So glad you're getting to soak up your time back home...praying that congestion goes away!!

  2. Your belly is adorable! Ugh, I can't imagine a 14 hour flight while pregnant . . . at least you had little kicks to keep you company. :-)

  3. OMG when we get ready to fly that far with Olivia I am coming to you for advice! You are brave! Oh and it's a boy!!!! I missed that before. How exciting! Congrats and happy holidays!


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