Sunday, December 22, 2013

la petite bump {28 weeks}

How many weeks? 28 weeks.

Baby's size and weight? 14.8 inches / 2.22 pounds (37.6cm / 1005 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? TBD after Christmas... :-(

Symptoms? Pregnancy wise, I've been feeling pretty good these past couple of weeks. No more nausea - hooray! I've been quite tired, but being quite pregnant in the middle an Aussie summer will do that to you. I had a day of dizziness/cramping earlier this week along with a lot of braxton hicks, but I think that was mostly due to dehydration and exhaustion. After a day of rest and remembering to drink more water, I felt much better. General sickness wise though, our little family has had it rough since we arrived. I've had the flu and sunburn so severe I couldn't walk, Mitch got bad eczema turned nasty staph infection and then Oliver got school sores. I've been hoping & praying that I don't catch it and so far, so good. I'm seriously thinking we are allergic to Australia though, every trip in the past few years we have gotten some kind of nasty illness!

Movement? Lots! He's getting a lot stronger these days too - kicks are becoming pretty forceful/uncomfortable at times, but I still don't think I'll ever tire of movement :-)

The best thing? Mitch and I got away on our first overnight getaway this past week! Although I've been away on girls weekends and he's had work trips away from the kiddo, we've never been away overnight at the same time. It was BLISS! We stayed at the Sheraton Noosa - the last time we stayed there was on our honeymoon - and had a much needed and well overdue getaway. I think we could make this an Aussie holiday tradition... :-) (although next time, the littlest bubba will probably need to come with us!).

The most difficult thing? Sickness. Although being sick myself is awful, seeing Mitch and Oliver with these nasty lesions the past week has been worse. The doctor reassured me that if I catch it while pregnant, there is no harm done to the baby but naturally, I have still been really cautious because it looks so painful!

Appointments? Nothing until the new year.

Looking forward to? I am looking forward to a break from the heat - as much as I love being in Australia, being this far along in the summer heat isn't always pleasant. I much prefer summer to winter and I always will, but I'm just not used to the humidity anymore. Summers in California are WAY different to Qld!

Bump comparison? 28 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 28 weeks with this little guy on the right - eeeeek! I feel like I'm going to end up overtaking the size of my bump with Oliver...

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  1. I have a weigh in & my glucose test in early Jan :( no fair no fair!!


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