Saturday, January 4, 2014

la petite bump {30 weeks}

How many weeks? 30 weeks

Baby's size and weight?  15.71 inches / 2.91 pounds (39.9 cm / 1319 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 14.3kg / 31 lbs. I put on 17kg total (37 lbs) with Oliver but my starting weight was a few kg lighter, so I'm now at the same weight I was when I gave birth in 2011. In other words, I feel ENORMOUS! I'm back into some (light) exercise though and watching the carbs so hopefully things won't go tooooo crazy in the next couple of months.

Symptoms? The pelvic pain is back, ugh :-( I've also been feeling pretty nauseous again, but I have a feeling that's more to do with exhaustion/jet lag, rather then the return of morning sickness. It went away entirely while we were in Australia so it seems odd that it would come back now!

Movement? He's been preferring the right side of my tummy for the past week - I'm always feeling and seeing his back/bottom/head (can't decide what, but it's big & uncomfortable) on my right side. He's still moving around in there plenty - 90% of the time it's visible from the outside too which is amusing.

The best thing? Being back in the cold weather :-) Yes, I am a summer girl through and through BUT the Queensland heat + humidity (on one of the hottest summers in years) did not agree with this pregnant mama. I'm quite happy to be back in jeans, tights & woolly jumpers!

The most difficult thing? 16+ hrs cramped on a plane while 7.5 months pregnant... Not fun :-( I thought I was uncomfortable on the trip over but the flights home were much worse. No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get comfy and so sleep was non existent. Ugh.

Appointments? I had my 30/31 week check up yesterday morning. Baby boy is head down and measuring right on track and my BP was good (hooray - so unlike my pregnancy with Oliver!). I had to get a couple of shots, including the one for being RH negative and some blood work done but overall, everything is looking great. I go back at the end of the month for an ultrasound to check baby's position again. I need to get my birth plan written before the next appointment too apparently... Fun.

Looking forward to? *hopefully* finding a doula. Yes, there's nothing like leaving it to the last minute! Given Oliver's labor, I really would love a different experience this time around and if a doula helps - well, I'm all for it. I wasn't keen with Ollie because I didn't like the idea of having someone I didn't know see me like that (other than the dr/midwife) but after having one kid, all sense of shame goes out the window... We are going to a 'meet the doula' session this weekend and are just hoping and praying that the right person is out there with availability at short notice. This baby is due in 9/10 weeks after all!

Bump comparison? 30 weeks pregnant with Mr Oliver on the left vs 30 weeks with this little guy on the right...

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