Thursday, January 16, 2014

la petite bump {32 weeks}

How many weeks? 32 weeks

Baby's size and weight? 16.69 inches / 3.75 lbs (42.4 cm / 1702 grams)

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 13.2 kg / 29 lbs. Yes, I've actually LOST weight since my last weigh in 2 weeks ago - not surprising really given I was so sick last week and couldn't eat for a couple days.

Symptoms? Does feeling like an elephant count? Seriously. Complete strangers are feeling the need to tell me I look like I'm ready to deliver. Ugh. Pregnancy does not equal anyone and everyone being allowed to comment on my looks, thanks very much!

Movement? Every time I sit down to relax, I find I have hands digging way down low and feet in my ribs, kicking with a lot of force... So yes, you could say there's been movement. Not comfortable or cute, but comforting movement all the same.

The best thing? There's been a few highlights - finding a doula we felt really comfortable with and who is available in March was great news! We didn't have a doula for Oliver's birth (but had a small midwife team instead until the last minute when my pregnancy was deemed 'medical' and we had to deliver with an ob in hospital) so this will be a new experience, but from everything I've heard and read, it's a decision we won't regret. She's also available as a postpartum doula, which is a HUGE plus. It's something I didn't even know existed, but if the need arises we can hire her on an hourly basis after the baby is born to help out - kind of like our kraamzorg in the Netherlands.

We also got stuck into the nursery - the only thing left to do now is decide what to hang on the walls! I can't wait to reveal it :) Again, not having done this type of thing for Oliver (as we lived in a small European 1 bedroom apartment), it's been exciting.

I also got the last few 'big' things we need for the baby ordered - we got our new double stroller, which I found a great deal on with a free second seat. We got a new carseat - capsule as I call it, or pumpkin seat as everyone says here (where did that term come from?), as well as buying lots of other little bits and pieces that are boring but necessary (ie new breast pump and a load of bottles, because although I plan on breastfeeding again, I am also DETERMINED that this baby will take a bottle, unlike his big bro!).

The most difficult thing? Being in your third trimester with a nasty vomiting bug... At the same time as your toddler and husband. Lets just say there were a nightmarish couple of days last week with all three of us sick :( I'm feeling back to normal now thank goodness.

Appointments? I don't see my ob again until the end of the month; 35 weeks. Honestly, it feels like there are some pretty long stretches between appointments here. Routinely, I saw my dr at 6 weeks, 13 weeks, 24 weeks & 31 weeks. Far, far less than what I had in the Netherlands with my midwife practice. I understand that not a whole lot happens between some of these weeks, but I thought appointments would be a little more regular once I hit my third trimester; not still monthly.

Looking forward to? Getting some maternity photos done (courtesy of the husband). We mucked around with a few when I was pregnant with Oliver but haven't done a thing this time around. I can't shake the feeling that this little guy is going to arrive early (now, having put that in writing he will no doubt be way overdue) so I'm keen to get them done sooner rather then later.

Bump comparison? 32 weeks pregnant with Mr Oliver on the left vs 32 weeks with baby brother on the right... Ummmm I'm feeling like this new bubba boy is going to be bigger than his 8lb5oz big brother!

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  1. Sounds like things are trucking along well over there! Your nursery is leaps and bounds ahead of ours. As in, we just bought a chair for ours and that's it. And the room itself is still a storage area for all the boxes we haven't looked through since the move... eek!

    I am so sorry you all had a stomach bug at the same time, or at all. :( That must have been horrific! I guess the one plus side is they are usually fast moving, but still, not something anyone would choose. And that's interesting that your appointments are so far apart. Once I hit third trimester I go to every 2 weeks, and then from 35 or 36 weeks I do every week on. I guess it just depends practice to practice!

    Can you believe we are 2 months away?!

  2. brothers are the best! These last few weeks are tough (especially with extra sickness). Ill be praying for a smooth next few weeks!


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