Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Third trimester must haves

It feels like an age ago that I wrote my first and second trimester essentials, but at the same time this pregnancy has flown: I am now well and truly into the third trimester and getting very keen to meet our newest little boy! Although the first trimester is hands down the most sickening, the third is by far the most uncomfortable (and nerve wracking; trying to get prepared for the impending birth). Here's a few things I find handy to get through this final stage of pregnancy...

1. Birth book. My personal favourite is Birth Skills by Juju Sundin; it's definitely a practical read. It gives loads of different coping mechanisms and although I'm a big fan of the mindful birth/hypnobirthing course we took when I was pregnant with Oliver, this book is a MUST read in my opinion.

2. Contraction timer. I had one of these on my phone when I was pregnant with Oliver, I just can't remember what one. This time around I've downloaded a few and I like the look/ease of use of this iBirth one. I have the free version.

3. Older sibling gift. I want to have a couple of big brother presents for Oliver when he comes to meet his baby brother for the first time, things that will fit into my hospital bag. So far we have gotten him an Octonauts playset and some of those re-usable sticker books that he loves. A couple of friends have also suggested to me that we take him to the build-a-bear workshop before baby is here and build a special bear together (one that we can record our voices on) to be given to him while I'm in labor. I LOVE this idea, we are just yet to make it happen!

4. Address book. These days, mine is on my iphone BUT I have a print version also for Mitch with contact details & availability of friends who can watch Oliver when I go into labor, essential phone numbers - eg labor & delivery at the hospital and our doula.

5. Raspberry leaf tea. I didn't start drinking this until I was 37 weeks with Oliver (and then, only 1 cup a day because the stuff I bought tasted like dirt). This time around, I started with 1 cup a day at 32 weeks and have built myself up to 3 cups a day. It's meant to tone the uterus etc to help with labor - whether or not it works, I don't know BUT I'm willing to try anything. So - cups of flavored dirt it is!

6. Packed hospital bag x 3: for Mum, baby and big brother. Obviously, I need to have a hospital bag for me & baby boy, but I also need to have a bag packed for Oliver with his pjs, spare clothes, favourite toy, drink bottle etc for when he goes to stay with a friend while I'm in labor.

7. Tissues. My experience of the third trimester when I was pregnant with Oliver? It's emotional, particularly towards the end when you are so big and exhausted and just burst into tears for nothing. Or, you read a reallyyyyy sad book and sob your heart out only to have your waters break hours later (I will be trying this labor inducing technique again!). So tissues are a definite must!

What are your third trimester essentials?

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  1. Thanks for the tea reminder! I need to start pounding that stuff ;) I have tea from Yogi & the Traditional medicine brands & I don't remember either tasting like dirt. One tip tho that I learned from drinking the Mothers Milk tea which tasted like black licorice (which IMO tastes like butt) try boiling a pot, letting it steep & cool & drink it iced!

  2. Contraction timer! I never new there was such a thing! I just wrote mine down last time.. Im so investing in one!!


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