Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend goodness: winter beach fun!

You know when you've had one of 'those' weeks and you feel like you're losing the plot? That's been me. All of us in our little family actually. The past couple of weeks haven't exactly been fun filled thanks to an exhausted & emotional mama, an equally tired & overworked Dadda and a cranky, non sleeping toddler. Although the last thing I felt like doing on the weekend was getting out of my pjs, we decided that all of us needed a little time out. A change of scenery. Some fresh air.

So.... We hit the beach.

Yes, this is winter in California. It is unusually warm & dry at the moment, but even so - I really can't complain about winter here. Especially not after 2 years of bitterly cold winters in northern Europe! I might miss snow days but I wouldn't trade living so close to the beautiful Californian coastline for anything. The little man has already been asking to go back to the beach (and lucky for him, we did go back today with friends!)... It was a refreshing break for us all and I'm feeling ready to tackle a new week with this bump that is growing increasingly uncomfortable!

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  1. A beach day sounds so nice, I wish I could spend the weekend at the beach!

  2. Aw, I just love all of these. And I especially love the third one of tiptoeing Olivier. Darling boy. I think I could really enjoy California winters. :)

  3. love the photos Lu! you look amazing! Ollie looks so cute in his sunnies! I hope the week is going ok and Ollie gets back into the nap routine! My two little boys have been dropping naps at the moment due the extreme heat :) I understand!!
    Lots of love and not long now until you meet junior!
    love Martine


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