Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 7th, 2004

February 7th, 2004 - February 7th, 2014: 10 years of married life. Given that I've still got a year until 30, it feels unreal. 10 years ago today I made some very important vows; I married my high school sweetheart and it truly has been the best decision of my life. Since that big day, one DECADE ago, life has taken some twists & turns. I've had a lot of adventures and what makes them all so memorable is that all of them have been with my very best friend by my side. One day, I know we are going to be that old couple on our rocking chairs reminiscing over the good old days; our adventures past, full of so many wonderful shared memories.

After starting our married life as broke uni students, we've made countless moves both within Australia and abroad. Taken off on adventures all over the globe. Completed 2 bachelors degrees and one PhD. Started a new life together in not one, but three foreign countries. Learned 2 languages together. And in recent years, the biggest adventure of all: starting a family. Having our first baby in a foreign, non-English speaking country brought us closer then ever before and now we're about to embark on another adventure with our little Californian boy due within weeks.

We've packed so much into our first 10 years of marriage, I can hardly imagine how the next 10 years are going to look. With our somewhat nomadic lifestyle, I used to find myself anxious about what the future holds, but so long as I have this man by my side, I know it's all going to be okay.

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart, my Mitch x

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful weekend hopefully celebrating:)

  2. How romantic! Happy anniversary, and I wish you many more.


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