Wednesday, February 12, 2014

la petite bump {36 weeks}

How many weeks? 36 (almost 37) weeks - the full term point is so close!

Baby's size and weight? 18.66 inches / 5.78 lbs (47.4 cm / 2622 grams).

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 15.9 kg / 35 lbs. 2 more pounds and I will have reached the same weight gain that I had with Oliver. Given that I've only got 3 weeks (*hopefully* less) to go now, I'm feeling ok with it. Enormous, often elephant like - but ok.

Symptoms? Other then coming down with the flu this past week, I've actually been feeling pretty good in general lately. Still getting A LOT of crampy braxton hicks after exercise and when I sit down on the couch at night, but in general I'm feeling pretty good. Last night the braxton hicks were really taking my breath away and got to 15mins apart before a warm bath helped ease them off. I was starting to get a little nervous although I have a feeling I've still got a few weeks to go yet. I should probably pack my hospital bag though... I'm spending a lot of time rocking over the birth ball while watching TV and our doula showed us THE most awesome pain reliever - turning a rebozo (essentially just a long scarf) into a sling/hammock for my belly and having Mitch hold it up while I'm leaning over the birth ball. It takes away all the uncomfortable weight of my big belly and is so relaxing I almost fall asleep. I guess it works similarly to a girdle?

Movement? He's still moving around with lots of uncomfortable jabs - ouch :-( Ollie loves putting his hands on my belly and telling me baby brother is dancing in there :-)

The best thing? (1) My baby shower! It really was a lovely day and I felt so blessed to be able to celebrate this new little man with friends. We have another one coming up with Mitch's work; a pleasant surprise! and (2) getting the best news of the year: my sister is coming over to help after baby boy is born!

The most difficult thing? I had the strep B test done and it came back positive :-( Ollie's labor was so long & difficult and being hooked up to an IV sucked, big time. I'm really, really disappointed I'll have to be on IV antibiotics for this labor also. We've been taking so many measures that I had hoped would mean I could (a) labor at home for as long as possible and (b) be free to move during labor, especially while in the hospital. I've been feeling so positive and this just feels like a huge kick in the guts.

I'm also frustrated because it's one of those things that can change but we wouldn't know it. I could go from positive to negative (or vice versa, had my result been different) without knowing it. I wasn't tested for this in the Netherlands, so there we would have never known if I had it or not. I just don't think there's much we can do at this point unfortunately except pray that this labor is a more healthy experience compared to the first time.

After talking to my doula about it though and finding out that I can request to just have the antibiotics then be unhooked until it's time for the next round, I'm feeling a little less anxious but still, it's frustrating. I know it's a small bump in the road in the grand scheme of things however.

Appointments? My next appointment is on Friday for my 37 week check. I saw my ob at 35 weeks - baby was still head down, although not yet engaged and all was looking well. We did get a peek on the ultrasound but honestly it was so brief I can hardly remember it. Poor Ollie was probably a bit disappointed - this time we dragged the kiddo in there with us at 8am with a promise of watching baby brother on the TV again...

Looking forward to? At this point, I am mostly looking forward to meeting this little one. Now that we know when my sister is arriving, I don't want to pop too early, but I'm also hoping I won't still be pregnant on my due date.

Bump comparison? I seemed to have stopped taking weekly bump photos from 34 weeks when I was pregnant with Oliver or they at least aren't saved on my computer - why, I have no idea. Here's the 36, almost 37 week bump front & side on with this pregnancy - much like my pregnancy with Oliver, I'm so very thankful I acquired the no stretch mark gene. Thanks Mum!

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  1. Such a cute bump! That's frustrating about having to do the IV antibiotics - I'm with you, being hooked up to the IV is so miserable! At least you don't have to be hooked up to it the whole time . . .

  2. I was on an IV both times too. :( Not much fun. Keep thinking of your lovely baby. Your bump is nice and neat! : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Lovely bump!! You are SO close! I had to get the antibiotics with Declan too and actually had to wait to start pushing for an hour because I hadn't gotten the second dose. Luckily I had an epi otherwise I don't think that would have flown with me...

  4. You look SO good!! Eeek, it's coming so quickly now! I had never heard about the scarf trick! Very cool, and so great to find those things that help. xo


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