Saturday, February 22, 2014

la petite bump {38 weeks}

How many weeks? Yesterday marked 38 weeks. Wow! Which means I'm reallyyyy hoping this is my last bumpdate...

Baby's size and weight? 19.61 inches / 6.80 lbs (49.8 cm / 3083 grams).

Pink or blue? It's a BOY!

Weight gain? 16.4 kg / 36 lbs.

Symptoms? So, the braxton hicks have been out of control this past week - getting to be more regular, often keeping me up overnight and accompanied by bad period pain. I'm extremely reluctant to use the word painful because I know how much worse the real deal is (especially after having a pitocin induced labor the first time around), but lets just say it's pretty uncomfortable. On Wednesday night I truly thought labor was on its way, but clearly I was wrong. I'm honestly finding it pretty darn tiring, especially as it's affecting my sleep but I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that it's a good thing; my body is getting ready.

Movement? There are lots of hiccups these days, and still plenty of movement every day although not as crazy/jumping all over the place as it has been. I think the little guy is running out of space in there...

The best thing? Hitting the full term mark!

The most difficult thing? I had thought that I had managed to avoid the blood pressure problems I had during my pregnancy with Oliver, but no - it just decided to start at the end of the pregnancy this time. It just means more regular monitoring, which honestly I'm glad of because had everything been normal, they weren't going to book me in to see my ob between 37 weeks and my due date. Seriously. 3 WEEKS. And the insurance I have here is meant to be pretty good?!?! By this point in my pregnancy with Oliver, appointments were weekly (more because of my BP, but weekly was the norm). I'm really hoping & praying that my BP doesn't go crazy and the protein levels stay low, because I really, really, really (really) don't want to be induced.

Appointments? Because of my blood pressure, I'm having to go in for checks every couple of days. I don't actually see my particular ob though again until 39 weeks as she's away. I'm seriously hoping there's a baby before then though... We'll see. My waters broke with Oliver at 39+1 so I kind of have it in my head that I might go early, but of course there's always the chance I'll be overdue too.

Looking forward to? Pregnancy being done and dusted. I know the newborn stage is pure exhaustion, but I just want this little guy here. In my arms. I find these end weeks really hard - being large and uncomfortable, people always asking if he's here yet and just the waiting and wondering what day will be his birthday.

Bump comparison? I don't have a photo from 38 weeks with Ollie, but the 38 week bump with this baby is feeling positively enormous!!!

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  1. so excited for you! can't wait to hear the happy news :)

  2. Ahhh this is so exciting, not long to go :)

  3. 38 already??! so close!!! Gorgeous bump!


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