Friday, March 28, 2014

2 weeks {Austin Mitchell}

Somehow, this little guy is already 2 weeks old!!! He's quickly plumping up - at his 2 week check on Tuesday he weighed 9lbs 7oz and measured 21 1/4 inches... Almost 1 pound & 1 inch up on his birth stats!

So far, Austin has been a really happy, laid back baby. In his first 2 weeks, he's just ate, pooped, slept, snuggled and given us lots of sweet gassy smiles. Oliver was also an 'easy' baby for the first few months and it seems like Aus is following in his big brothers footsteps. We've really only had one big unsettled period with him and I think it may have had something to do with the garlic laden, chipotle mayo filled burger I ate out last weekend... Whoops. Generally, he's been feeding every 2 hours during the day and just once or twice overnight. Yes, I've actually been getting more sleep then when I was pregnant!

All that being said though, it seems he has hit the 2 week growth spurt the last couple of days - he's been awake more then asleep the past 24 hours and wanting to feed constantly. I know it'll pass though, and despite the fact that I feel like the walking dead today, he's been off to such a great start that I really can't complain. Having had one very easy going baby already, I had been nervous about what #2 would be like but our little Austin really is a sweetheart. His content little personality has certainly helped make the transition to a family of 4 a much easier one... We just love him so!

It's been fun looking back at Oliver's baby photos and comparing them to Austin. In my family, none of my sisters kids have looked alike as babies, but Ollie and Aus could be twins. Seriously. Austin has more of a Gerritsen look to him (poor kid got my chin & nose) whereas Oliver looked more McLaren like as a baby, but they really do look similar.

Here is Oliver at 2 weeks vs Austin at 2 weeks...
Yup, definitely looking like brothers!

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  1. More like looking like twins. It's always interesting to see how much siblings look alike.

  2. Holy goodness! What a cute little bundle! I haven't been over in a while and I just looked through your last few posts. I was smiling the whole time! So precious!

  3. They really do look alike! How fun to see the similarities (and differences). :-)


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