Friday, April 25, 2014

At 2 years and 8 months {Oliver John}

It's been a fair while since I've done an update on my big little man. Too long. Oliver will always be my baby, but he just seemed to grow up overnight when Austin came into our family. All of a sudden those little hands that I love to hold seemed so much bigger. The way he talks, his mannerisms and expressions made him look like a kid, not my tiny toddler. I absolutely love the kid he is growing into, but at the same time I feel like my baby just developed so rapidly over the past 6 weeks, I still can't process it.

At 2 years and 8 months, Mr Oliver...

... is finally showing the first signs of an American accent *sob*. It all started when my sister was here - he began referring to me as Mom. We went straight from Mummy to mOm. I knew this day was inevitable, but I at least thought we'd progress to Mommy or even Momma first!

... has finally had a growth spurt. Although he was always on the larger side as an infant, he's been kinda petite as a toddler. It's those short little legs! In the past few months he's sprouted up and finally his 2T pants aren't dragging on the ground :) He's also moved into 3T shirts and even some 3T shorts.

... had his first few overnights away from mama AND Dadda at the same time. At Christmas time he spent the night with my parents while Mitch and I took off on a little getaway, and while we were in hospital having Austin, he spent 3 nights away from us with a friend. I was surprised at how well he handled both trips - and immensely proud of my big boy for being so good :)

... got in touch with his artistic side. By face painting during nap. With poop :( Let me tell you, it was NOT pleasant. And I really cannot understand what made him decide to do this, especially as he's been (day) potty trained since November! Ugh! Mama is not impressed!

... asks us 20 times a day what we like. It goes a little like this:

Oliver: You like chocolate Mummy?
Me: Yes, I like chocolate.
Oliver: I like chocolate too! It's yummy! And sweet!
Oliver:You like trucks Mummy?
Me: Yes, I like trucks.
Oliver: I like trucks too! They are BIG! And STRONG! They have exhaust pipes!
Oliver: You like fire engines Mummy?
Me: Yes. I like fire engines.
Oliver: I like fire engines too! They go fast. They are LOUD!
And so it goes on... And on... And on....

... has developed a pretty cheesy (but cute all the same) say cheese face! It makes it a little harder to get natural smiles because as soon as the camera comes out, he's straight into CHEEEEEEESE mode, but it cracks me up all the same.

... has had to learn what it's like to share both Mummy & Daddy. It's been a little more rough since Mitch went back to work - he's become a lot more demanding and a lot more impatient, but at least one thing hasn't changed: he still LOVES his baby brother. Sometimes, it's a little frustrating as he just wants to be in Austin's business all day, every day (even when Austin is asleep, he'll stand at his door yelling out I WANT TO SEE HIM!), but seeing the love he has for his brother has made me one happy mama, believe me.

Love this boy - it's hard to believe he'll soon be 3!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend goodness: Easter 2014

I have to say, Easter is probably the one holiday in the USA that has disappointed me. This year was our third Easter over here and although public holidays and tasty treats are not the true reason for this season, Easter just doesn't feel right without a nationwide 4 day weekend and hot cross buns (although, after baking up a batch on the weekend I DID find some at Sprouts today - a weird, yellow looking scone with a sweet frosted cross on top being sold as 'hot cross buns'. It's far from the real deal!).

This year was our first Easter as a family of four. We kicked off the weekend with a friends birthday party...

Followed by an Easter egg hunt at the local elementary school...

On Easter Sunday we were woken up by a hungry baby at 5am & an over excited toddler who had wandered out of his bedroom and found his Easter basket...

Once the sun was up, a backyard egg hunt was in order...

Followed by a mad dash to get all 4 of us ready for church! Naturally, I couldn't resist my first opportunity to dress the kids in matching outfits!

With a busy week ahead, we decided to take it easy after church and spend the rest of the day 'relaxing' at home. Unfortunately, both littles had other ideas in mind...

Neither of these 2 cuties napped in the afternoon!!! It was a looooong, frustrating afternoon but thankfully ended well with an early bedtime for all :-)

Hope you all had a safe & happy Easter!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes {2 years, 8 months}

Quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver, at 2 years & 8 months:

When referring to Austin: That's my baby. He came here to play with me.

After asking for a snack, and seeing me walk to the fridge (ie where there's no museli bars or cookies): NO. Snacks are NOT in the fridge. NO. Snacks are in the CUPBOARD.

Talking to Aunty Kim in the car: When I get bigger, I go to school. I go on school bus with Daddy. And Mummy. And you.

When Austin is crying: NO! I don't wike that noise!

While admiring the big kid Lego in Target: When I get really really bigger, maybe I can buy this.

When visiting me in hospital after Austin was born (and climbing up on the bed and lifting up my shirt): Your tummy is flat now.

When asked what he wanted to do for the day (the kid loves to shop like his mama!): Lets go to the shops!

Oliver: I want a huggle.
Me: Come here then, I'd love a hug!
Oliver: NO! I don't want to huggle YOU. I want to huggle baby Austin. Give him to me!

Talking to Austin (after Mitch made Ollie his daily special 'coffee' drink - ie frothed milk or a babycino as we Aussies call it): Maybe when you get bigger, you have special coffee drink too. And we can drink it together.

When I'm singing in the car: NO Mummy, stop singing. I want to hear music. Stop!

Love this little chatterbox :-)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ollie & Aus

Oliver at 2 years, 8 months & Austin at 1 month old... My sweet boys :-)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

One month {Austin Mitchell}

It feels strange to be writing this post... How can my littlest be one month old already?!?! Truly, the first month of his life has flown by. Things are definitely different the second time around; life is much busier with 2 little boys underfoot, but life is sweet. Austin's first month has really been delightful, much like his big brother as a newborn, Austin is a pretty laid back & happy little guy.

I didn't do monthly blog updates of Oliver until he was much older, and I regret not writing down anywhere how he was sleeping/feeding/progressing during his first year because I'd love to look back on it now (other then his baby book of course, but that's who-knows-where in storage). So, now begins the monthly updates of Aus!

At one month old, Austin...

He fits size 1 nappies and 3 months/000 clothing. He grew out of his newborn clothes at only 2 weeks old! I'm not sure on his weight/height - his next check up is at 2 months, but at 2 weeks old he weighed 9lbs 7oz and was 21 1/4 inches long. He's certainly sprouted since then and looks/feels much bigger so it'll be interesting to see just how big he is next month! I'm convinced he's bigger then Ollie was at the same age. He's all cheeks and rolls!

Although he's not the hugest fan of doing tummy time (just like Oliver), he is turning his head from side to side well & holding it up for short periods.

Oliver was a great sleeper in the first 4 months and it seems we've (so far) been lucky enough to get another good one. Since coming home from hospital, Aus wakes once or twice a night. He generally has his last feed around 8pm, then wakes at roughly 1am & 5/6am for a quick feed then straight back to sleep. We've even had a couple of sleep throughs. I can honestly say that I feel more well rested than at the end of the pregnancy, when I was up half the night with painful braxton hicks.

Naps during the day are still all over the place - he sleeps brilliantly in the car and his stroller, but at home I never quite know what we're going to get. We had one AWFUL day (my birthday) where he only slept 2hrs total between 7am-10.45pm, but that's been the worst by far. He's yet to fall into any kind of routine during the day, but it'll happen eventually.

Austin is a great little feeder. He got the hang of breastfeeding really quickly - it's definitely different second time around when I'm not so clueless - and feeds roughly every 2 hours during daylight hours. I feed on demand, so sometimes it's a little more often, sometimes a little more drawn out. My milk came in MUCH quicker this time around too which took a little stress off (it took 5 days with Ollie and they were wanting me to supplement because he was losing too much weight, but this time around it only took 2 days and he was almost back at birthweight by 5 days old).

We've also started introducing a bottle. He's nursing so well, I'm not concerned about him having the odd bottle here & there and I'd really like to make sure he actually will take one. Oliver did for a brief period at 6 weeks old, but we didn't keep it up and he would never take one again despite our best efforts. As he always fed to sleep (and I exclusively breastfed until he was 16 months old), it made going out at night really difficult. So, this time around I've been determined to make it work because as much as I love my boys, mama needs a Mums night out once in a while! I'm pumping almost every morning to build up a freezer stash and so far, so good. Oliver LOVES helping, one morning this week he piped up with 'that's my baby. He came here to play with me' and then insisted on helping Mitch feed Austin the bottle. He even took the bottle into the kitchen afterwards and put it in the sink, little helper!

Best moment...
Getting those first social smiles! Gosh this kid has got the sweetest smile - his whole face lights up! I shouldn't be surprised, given his Dadda and big brother, but it still melts my heart every time. Gassy smiles are still cute, but seeing him smile in response to us - well, it's the best :-)

Worst moment...
Probably the worst part of his first month was when we were dealing with the jaundice. We were discharged from hospital 24 hours after birth, but his bilirubin results at his first newborn club appointment were increasing. We tried the biliblanket at home for a day but even with that, it went so high so fast that Austin was admitted to pediatrics for phototherapy. Thankfully I was able to stay with him in hospital, but it was still hard - it was around the 4 day mark when hormones were really kicking in and he was often really unsettled under the lights and it was SO hard not being able to hold him. We only ended up spending half the time they had initially guessed it would take though, and were released just in time for my sisters arrival from Australia.

Austin currently loves bathtime - whether it's in the tummy tub, baby bath or a shower with mama or Dadda, he instantly relaxes when he's in the water. He also LOVES being on the change table. Complete opposite of his big bro! As soon as you strip him down, he starts wriggling, grunting happily and often smiles. Which is just as well, because we change his clothes multiple times a day - he's a power spewer!

His biggest dislikes are getting out of the bath & when the car stops at red lights...

Austin Mitchell, I can hardly believe you are already a whole month old but at the same time, it feels like you've always been a part of our lives. Your Dadda, big brother & I are all absolutely smitten - you've already brought so much joy to our lives at only one month old. We love you, sweet baby boy.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beach days

After quite a few (much needed, but miserable all the same) rainy days in February/March, April has so far brought gorgeous, summer like weather. Temperatures over the past few days have been particularly warm - nothing like a humid Qld summer, but warm enough to hit the beach so that's exactly what we did earlier this week!

Mr Oliver is becoming quite the little poser. He loves being in front of the camera and has (amazingly) started listening to instruction on where to sit for a photo instead of just running around madly. Don't get me wrong - I think candid photos are the best. But he moves so fast nowadays, it's nice to have some clear photos of the little guy.

I just love his funny little SAY CHEESE face!

Even baby Austin woke up briefly to enjoy the scenery and get in a family photo or two...

Although my heart will always remain partial to beautiful Aussie beaches, we are so very lucky to live only an hour from the stunning Californian coast. Driving along the coastal highway 1 and stopping in at beaches like these really do lift my spirit... Bring on SUMMER!!!

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