Friday, April 25, 2014

At 2 years and 8 months {Oliver John}

It's been a fair while since I've done an update on my big little man. Too long. Oliver will always be my baby, but he just seemed to grow up overnight when Austin came into our family. All of a sudden those little hands that I love to hold seemed so much bigger. The way he talks, his mannerisms and expressions made him look like a kid, not my tiny toddler. I absolutely love the kid he is growing into, but at the same time I feel like my baby just developed so rapidly over the past 6 weeks, I still can't process it.

At 2 years and 8 months, Mr Oliver...

... is finally showing the first signs of an American accent *sob*. It all started when my sister was here - he began referring to me as Mom. We went straight from Mummy to mOm. I knew this day was inevitable, but I at least thought we'd progress to Mommy or even Momma first!

... has finally had a growth spurt. Although he was always on the larger side as an infant, he's been kinda petite as a toddler. It's those short little legs! In the past few months he's sprouted up and finally his 2T pants aren't dragging on the ground :) He's also moved into 3T shirts and even some 3T shorts.

... had his first few overnights away from mama AND Dadda at the same time. At Christmas time he spent the night with my parents while Mitch and I took off on a little getaway, and while we were in hospital having Austin, he spent 3 nights away from us with a friend. I was surprised at how well he handled both trips - and immensely proud of my big boy for being so good :)

... got in touch with his artistic side. By face painting during nap. With poop :( Let me tell you, it was NOT pleasant. And I really cannot understand what made him decide to do this, especially as he's been (day) potty trained since November! Ugh! Mama is not impressed!

... asks us 20 times a day what we like. It goes a little like this:

Oliver: You like chocolate Mummy?
Me: Yes, I like chocolate.
Oliver: I like chocolate too! It's yummy! And sweet!
Oliver:You like trucks Mummy?
Me: Yes, I like trucks.
Oliver: I like trucks too! They are BIG! And STRONG! They have exhaust pipes!
Oliver: You like fire engines Mummy?
Me: Yes. I like fire engines.
Oliver: I like fire engines too! They go fast. They are LOUD!
And so it goes on... And on... And on....

... has developed a pretty cheesy (but cute all the same) say cheese face! It makes it a little harder to get natural smiles because as soon as the camera comes out, he's straight into CHEEEEEEESE mode, but it cracks me up all the same.

... has had to learn what it's like to share both Mummy & Daddy. It's been a little more rough since Mitch went back to work - he's become a lot more demanding and a lot more impatient, but at least one thing hasn't changed: he still LOVES his baby brother. Sometimes, it's a little frustrating as he just wants to be in Austin's business all day, every day (even when Austin is asleep, he'll stand at his door yelling out I WANT TO SEE HIM!), but seeing the love he has for his brother has made me one happy mama, believe me.

Love this boy - it's hard to believe he'll soon be 3!

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  1. Aww! Growing up so quickly!
    I was just looking at older pics of my son (who'll be 1 on the 22nd) and can't believe how much he has changed. I don't notice it day by day but he is a (pre-)toddler now, not a tiny baby!

  2. Such a sweet boy! I remember bringing my second home from the hospital and realizing at that very instant how much Cullen's feet had grown! Baby brothers make big brothers grow up so fast. I am glad he is adjusting well (although sad he is losing is cute accent!)


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