Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beach days

After quite a few (much needed, but miserable all the same) rainy days in February/March, April has so far brought gorgeous, summer like weather. Temperatures over the past few days have been particularly warm - nothing like a humid Qld summer, but warm enough to hit the beach so that's exactly what we did earlier this week!

Mr Oliver is becoming quite the little poser. He loves being in front of the camera and has (amazingly) started listening to instruction on where to sit for a photo instead of just running around madly. Don't get me wrong - I think candid photos are the best. But he moves so fast nowadays, it's nice to have some clear photos of the little guy.

I just love his funny little SAY CHEESE face!

Even baby Austin woke up briefly to enjoy the scenery and get in a family photo or two...

Although my heart will always remain partial to beautiful Aussie beaches, we are so very lucky to live only an hour from the stunning Californian coast. Driving along the coastal highway 1 and stopping in at beaches like these really do lift my spirit... Bring on SUMMER!!!

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  1. What are you talking about not taking photos?! This is a whole trip of photos, at the BEACH none the less! Go girl. And you all look great! That black and white of Oliver is frame worthy.

  2. What a beautiful family!! And that beach looks absolutely amazing!


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